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  1. I've seen mentions of a Covert Ops demo having been published on various gaming magazine cover CDs, for example here:

    List of demos for each PC Gamer disc I have:


    2.6 (July 1996)


    The Pandora Directive

    Zork Nemesis


    Philip Marlowe Private Eye

    Super Stardust '96

    Total Pinball 3D

    MicroMachines 2

    Third Reich

    Total Mayhem

    Command & Conquer: The Covert Operations


    On the other hand, there's a small downloadable file called COVTDEMO.ZIP (you can get it here among other places), which seems to be official but is somehow missing from Westwood FTP. It contains a small version of the add-on MIX with two Nod missions and two multiplayer maps, and requires C&C v1.22 to play. I'm just wondering, is it the same thing, or had there been a stand-alone, CD-exclusive demo of the add-on too?

  2. My memory is a bit faulty on this, but it it's mission #9 where you start with a single Commando and have to re-capture a small Nod base to the south, then destroy a huge GDI base in the north, then there's only one variant of this mission. You can always check the number of variants by looking into GENERAL.MIX file on the CD.

  3. Also, just a thought, but could it be possible that the GDI and Nod logos on the construction yards are drawn on top of the sprite rather than on the actual sprite if you get what i am meaning. I realize however this is unlikely and problematic when it comes to the construction animation but would get around the current problems linked to the whole one MCV, one construction yard game codding.

    A truncated version of the MCV transformation animation with what appears to be GDI logo is still in the game data. Even more interesting, the number and sequence of frames in this version is not identical to the final version of the animation.

  4. Got into retro gaming mags recently, here's an article from a French magazine called Génération 4:



    Not sure if all of those screenies are already documented somewhere, I think I haven't seen the one with a Mammoth attacking the Nod ConYard with the Nod logo on it before.

  5. Wow, those are some awesome screenies! :) I wonder how and were they were released initially.


    Could this actually be the screenshots for/from the Mac version (Mac games generally used higher resolution graphics)?


    [Edit] I've checked the site and haven't found any info on those screenshots so far.

  6. I think the license from Dine De Laurentiis under which Dune 2000 was created had expired quite some time ago, but the exact details of the situation with copyright around the game are unknown to me. I suppose it is possible that EA won't take steps towards liberating the game simply because the copyright issues are not cleared up.

  7. no, dude, I meant the "mission briefing voice-overs, fully animated intro sequence and CD audio music". The battle.net version has all that too.

    I meant that the demo missions in the CD shareware version have voice-overs. The demo missions in the shareware version are in fact different from the retail version's missions, and briefing text is also not the same. The downloadable version of the shareware does not have voice-overs, meaning that those in the CD shareware version are unique. You can read more about the demo missions here.


    Again, I mentioned the fully animated intro only in comparison with the downloadable demo, as it has a slideshow version of the intro, obviously to reduce the size of the distributive.


    As for the CD Audio music, IIRC the Battle.net edition does not have CDA, it uses 22 kHz WAV files like Starcraft. Also, there's a little difference in that all music tracks that have MIDI counterparts (briefing, win and lose themes, and the first four in-game themes) were originally supposed to be looped (as they do when you use MIDI music in the DOS version), and the CDA tracks reflected that in that each tune loops once and then fades out halfway before finishing the second loop. In the Battle.net edition, these tracks are identical to the original MIDIs, in that there's actually no loop. For comparison, here's the CDA version of the second Orc theme, and here's the MIDI version (recorded on a Roland SC-55). The music in the official MP3 soundtrack released by Blizzard is also based on the original MIDIs and lacks the looped parts of the tracks (it also doe not include the tracks that do not have MIDI counterparts - it's one track per side for Tides of Darkness, one addition track for each side in the expansion, plus the bonus track; the latter can be downloaded separately from Blizzard).

  8. There was a DOS demo of Warcraft II included on the Battle.net CD? :huh:


    Anyway, here's some info on the actual CD:



    I've heard both Starcraft and Diablo had boxed shareware CD editions, but the extent to which they are different from the respective electronic distribution releases is unknown to me. Perhaps the Starcraft one had the two extra missions that are included with the Precursor campaign, but that's just a guess.

  9. Just found this interesting video:



    It appears to be an enhanced version of the Warcraft II shareware (most probably distributed on a CD) with mission briefing voice-overs, fully animated intro sequence and CD audio music. The main menu screen (visible at 02:07) identifies this version as WARCRAFT 2 SHAREWARE v1.08sh.


    Two other versions of the Warcraft II shareware - WARCRAFT 2 DEMO BETA v1.02elc and WARCRAFT 2 DEMO v1.20elc (both can be found here) - only have MIDI music, a static slideshow version of the intro, and no briefing voice-overs.


    [Edit] Found a download at a German website:



    It's not an ISO though, just the files in a folder, so I'm not sure if the high-quality music audible in the video is actually included.

  10. CuteFloor... sounds familiar. Pretty sure I've watched videos from that :3

    Heh, I had the very same feeling, and even searched some of the forums I visit thinking that I've seen posts from a user with the same name... but found nothing. I guess it's just that when you search for DOS game related videos on YouTube that user's stuff gets listed rather often :D

  11. Let's face it, chronology is a mess in the C&C Universe(s) :laugh:


    Translations are another matter, the titles are sometimes very weird - I remember browsing French C&C fansites some time ago, and Firestorm turned out to be called Missions Hydra or something in French for some inexplicable reason. Also, I think the German add-ons to RA1 are called Gegenangriff ("Counter-attack") and Vergeltungsschlag ("Retaliation Strike"), something I've always found a bit confusing (in respect to which is which) since both words have this idea of counter-attack, while Aftermath is quite a bit different thing.


    [Edit] Whoa, just read in the German Wikipedia that Red Alert: Retaliation is called Alarmstufe Rot - Gegenschlag. Now that's a parade of synonyms, I say! ^_^

  12. Recently an interesting game was brought to my attention called Conquest of Elysium II. It's a medieval fantasy turn-based strategy game not unlike Master of Magic or Warlords, with rather simple graphics but rich and diverse gameplay. It was released in 1997 by a Swedish studio who would later create the Dominions game series, and had been updated numerous times since. Eventually Conquest of Elysium II (the "II" in the title denotes that this is the Windows-compatible version 2.x) was released for free and is available for Windows, Linux and MacOS.


    In the game, the player can choose from about twenty character (leader) classes, each with unique attributes and playing style, and sets on a quest to conquer and subjugate all opponents. The game can be played either against the AI or other players in hot-seat mode. The game world is randomly generated each time, and additional parameters can be set like society types which define what the environment will be like and what objects and neutral monsters will be present on the map.


    Conquest of Elysium II Official Home Page

    Conquest of Elysium II Review & Download at Shrapnel Games

    Conquest of Elysium II Wikipedia article

    Conquest of Elysium II TVTropes article

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