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  1. Hi, Just wanted to ask this since it's not worth making a thread and I'm very curious despite probably knowing the answer D: Does anyway have Fall of the USSR by Flamewolf? https://web.archive.org/web/20001003212151/http://ra.tiberiumsun.com/fallussr.shtml It was a sequel to his excellent Desperation campaign which happens to be my favourite RA campaign, but sadly it was only hosted on Incredible Alert and no one seemed to archive it, which is annoying considering people saved Defection and Desperation which came out just prior to it and were both hosted on the same site, it annoys me given it's likely lost forever and he's my favourite mission maker for RA
  2. Ah so that's what BasesizeAdd refers to, that might explain why in one scenario a Red Allied A.I had 6 Conyards, build 4 Advanced Power Plants then immediately sold them xD may be due to the default setting. InfantryReserve does what it says on the tin, if their money is higher then the set valuable they build infantry non-stop, if it's below they'll still build Infantry but infrequently, I observed putting it higher makes them more inclined to build tanks as a result.
  3. Nice, thanks for the quick response. Heh so you can give the A.I unlimited money that'd be ludicrous but interesting to try I'll search for those coop missions and inspect the rules for them. With regards to limiting infantry, I suppose tweaking these two variables could also have an affect, but would it be better to increase or lower them? InfantryReserve=3000 ; always build infantry if cash reserve is greater than this InfantryBaseMult=1 ; build infantry if building count times this number is less than current infantry quantity Also any answer on how paranoid A.I works exactly and whether I set it correctly? :o
  4. Hi all Hope you don't mind the bump but I have a few questions pertaining to this topic and it seems more sensible then creating a new thread. So I've been tweaking with the 'AIGoldValue' settings raising it to 500 as the main problem I have is the A.I runs out of money too easily and early, they now build bulky, intimidating bases but I'm wondering is their a variable to influence how many tanks they build on average? They build too many infantry and not enough tanks which cripples their offensive ability, it'd be great to inverse the affect so they prioritize tanks over infantry. What's the deal with the A.I selling tech centres? I know of the original game bug where you can sell it and still retain the new technology without having it present, but is it related to this as it's silly they keep re-building it making them waste time and money xD Perhaps this is related to the 'Tech Center Bug Fix' option, however this is grayed out in the skirmish lobby? How do you know if Paranoid A.I is working correctly? I assume the intended effect is as soon as one A.I player is destroyed everyone attacks you and ignores one other? They haven't really done this yet, I've got these two commands relating to this under my A.I controls in 'spawn.xdp': FixAIParanoid=yes ComputerParanoidForceDisabledSkirmish=no I wonder if I've done something wrong, I know CnCnet launches from ra95-spawn.exe and uses a seperate ini file, in this case spawn.ini and spawn.xdp so I assume you don't need a seperate rules.ini to be present in the folder because I can see my alterations already have an affect from modifying spawn.xdp. I was also very surprised to see Soviet A.I can build Airfields and Migs despite it being very late game, as I can't recall seeing this in the original game, also a shame they can build M.A.D Tanks but don't have the intelligence to deploy them Look forward to being enlightened soon
  5. Is there a basic guide on C&C Editing, even if it's some obscure thing from the mid 90's?
  6. Don't use that Tabletated trash! Stick to Windows 7 or XP.
  7. I will do the converting maps into mini-campaigns which use the custom mission menu, as I've never mapped/modded for C&C before, but I am highly skilled at learning new things intuitively, all I ask is please write some better documentation then that current cobbled feature list at some point D:
  8. Wow I return here over a year later due to my studies and I find that not only you've released an entirely new version, but it integrates Iran's fixes and you've converted all of the original TD Campaigns over! At long last in over a decade in the making someone has finally ported Tiberian Dawn to Red Alert's engine! This is the closest authentic replication of TD on an updated interface you'll ever see, you deserve some sort of award for this o_O
  9. Ah thanks for the quick response Funky :o So from my understanding Red Dawn 2013 now integrates Iran's Portable RA fixes/extras, so would it be possible to convert missions for Coop just like RA? That'd be too epic! xD
  10. Sorry just to confirm this, so Red Dawn 2013 is fully compatible with the Lobby now? It seems you need to tweak with the configuration files at the moment so it'd cause confusion for some players.
  11. Here's what I have so far, it's only the Allied missions. About 2 missions don't show up in the menu because they share a corresponding number but with a B or C sub value. That and as you said I have no idea how you'd merge the Rules.ini with each mission, because it can change from map to map. sc-defect.mix
  12. Greetings folks! So I took a look at Funkyfresh's conversion of the Flame Dancer's Genesis Set 1 and attempted to do the same with Brain Bird's Defection Campaign but ended up falling short. I edited all the missions to correspond with their respective counterpart such as 'cmu01ea.ini' and ensured each one has a title. Now I left the Tutorial.ini as it is and simply renamed it to Defection.ini, the problem seems to lie with the Mission.ini, I'm uncertain how to rename it so all the missions will show up in the menu. As an example here's a snippet of the first section: [sCG01EA.INI] 1=War News: The Russians have invaded Poland and have destroyed many towns including the Capital with advancing [email protected] 2=Mission: Some of our top personnel were in Warsaw for a conference. We must evacuate all the survivors 3=before the next Soviet wave arrives. Find the remains of the places where they were staying and 4=get them to the other side of the river Wisla to the north. Don't allow any of them to be [email protected] 5=Reconnaissence: There are still a number of Russian tanks in the area from the first attack. Russian 6=Reinforcements are expected in around 11 minutes. There are 3 VIPs to be [email protected] 7=Current Research: Allied units include light tanks, rangers and infantry. Transport helicopters and 8=artillery can be made at production facilities and sent as reinforcements. So along with renaming the above to CMU01EA.ini, do I have to create an additional list and where do I place it? I recall popping into the Chat and finding help on the matter but it wasn't fully explained and a tutorial would really help me out here. Many thanks!
  13. I was referring to from GDI Mission 11 (Clear the Naval Channel) and upwards, NOD helicopters can appear from both onscreen and offscreen, meaning you'll be constantly harassed due to their scripting privileges, but I thought it was a very good addition to challenge and only considered it humorous is all.
  14. Haha xD I was just discussing with my friend whether it's possible to use RAED with Red Dawn then I come here and find a unique version, brilliant! I wanted to check out the scenarios as I noticed they have slight differences in map design. Especially the late GDI missions, what the hell was with the A.I Infinite Helicopter spam D:
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