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  1. Lol, impressive diagrams. Did you guys use Final Alert 2 to make them?
  2. Around ~10 yeah, from personal experience. It's easier to test this in a laggy game, as the difference is more noticeable.
  3. Actually on CnCNet we can, we just need to patch the Ai with a new one. It's basically as simple as replacing a text file, there's an ai.ini somewhere, when I started map making back in 2003 I also spent some time trying to improve the Ai. For the best AI though, each map should be edited with the ai developed specifically for the map.
  4. @Grant Dry Heat (Battle & Megawealth) Fixed terrain/movement bug at the bottom right corner. Same for the Megawealth version. Dry Heat Fixed.zip
  5. The power problem is correct and all, but in most cases, I make sure that the Soviet player makes that 3rd powerplant because they know what happens when they don't.
  6. I recall playing TOE MX and I tried to do a BO, but some stuff was removed. O.o Can't remember what was removed, but it made me go "WTF". I usually listen to music when I play so I don't get on discord.
  7. The problem with your mod is that it changes the gameplay too much when I tried it the first time I was completely alienated by how much you've changed. The balancing should be done slowly, bit by bit, so it doesn't completely alter the core gameplay and the metagame. Nope, but it's a start, having the powerplant the same cost and build time while also providing the same amount of power, would cause the allied player having to spam powerplants throughout the game, while soviets can just make 1 nuclear reactor at not even so late game. All of what you said shows that you don't really know what you're talking about. Sure the factions are not great, however talking about the other points. The spy and the legionnaire can easily be countered by making some dogs and leaving them littered around your base, even a simple sentry gun ready in your tab can be placed next to the structure that's about to be spied and with a simple swift click you can target the spy and kill it. Also, you can use a terror drone to kill the spy's transport quite easily if you're paying attention. Keep some units in your base for defence and the legionnaires can't touch you, if your tanks and dogs are away from your base and you leave it defenceless then it's your own fault. I used to play sovs way before allied and I can easily say that being good with sovs is a laughing matter, all you need to do is pay attention and be fast. Rhinos & flak tracks is all you really need if you're good. Allied players need to be twice as fast as Soviets and micromanage the whole army, you've clearly never played against any 'real' top players.
  8. Desolator can be balanced with the right coding, for example reducing its radiation damage to armoured units, giving anyone caught in it to micro away. The allied power plant is more expensive and builds slower due to that, which could be balanced by just increasing its build speed, which is possible on YR. The price would need to remain as it provides a bit more power (or certain allied structures take less power I'm not bothered to check rulesmd.ini at this time). Also if automag were to be disabled (no attack move), it would make the game much more playable.
  9. @Lucifer_MS The pink line needs to close (surround) the height level on a cliff, the only spots it can be open is after it's been connected to a slope, I would recommend building cliffs from back side to front, using the cliff tileset accessible on the bottom drop-down menu.
  10. You need to enter framework mode in the map editor (Final Alert 2) and go over the cliffs and ramps, the pink line that's visible on the cliff edges at the top of the cliffs must connect from start to end of a cliff (unless it goes out of map bounds on both ends, which is fine). Also, any ramp tiles that are out of place will cause bugs with pathfinding logic, resulting in units getting 'stuck'. Final Alert 2 toolbar, the right most icon resembling a multi coloured cube represents the framework mode.
  11. Get XCC Utilities, use XCC mixer to open Ra2MD.mix > Open localmd.mix > rulesmd.ini
  12. Ohh don't forget the games where you only have a war miner left and the opponent naval stretched, but the war miner's gun can reach it! Winning an otherwise stalemate game.
  13. Learn to play the original instead of mod maps.
  14. Yeah, the V3 section is confusing and hackish.
  15. [CMIN] ; Chrono Miner Strength=1000 Armor=medium Harvester=yes Storage=20 [HARV] ;War-Miner Strength=1000 Armor=medium Harvester=yes Storage=40 Source: rulesmd.ini (game files). As you can see above the storage of the war miner is twice of the Chrono miner. [V3Cluster] ;V3 Missile Damage=80 ROF=80 Range=6 Speed=20 [Comet] ;Prism Beam Weapon (for the tank) Damage=100 ROF=100 Range=10 Speed=40 Source: rulesmd.ini (game files). As you can see above the Prism tank deals 20 points of more damage per shot than a v3 missile. [LCRF] ; Allied Landing Craft Strength=300 Armor=light [SAPC] ; Soviet Landing Craft Strength=300 Armor=heavy [YHVR] ; Yuri Landing Craft Strength=300 Armor=heavy Source: rulesmd.ini (game files). As you can see above the, all the naval transports have the same amount of hitpoints, however, the armour of both the Soviet & Yuri transports is set to heavy.
  16. Bad map is bad.. Though the music is somewhat good.
  17. @Grant this still doesn't seem fixed, I've been editing a map and it keeps showing the low-res preview on the client (While there's a high-res preview available in the folder).
  18. Alaskan Outback, I and some people enjoy it, yet a lot hate it for it's size.
  19. Thanks, Rampa, great post +1<3. See you on Dust 2.
  20. I agree, if you look at SC2's player base most of them seem reasonably behaved compared to the toxic whining coming from some of the top YR/RA2 players, though in fairness I do blow a fuse occasionally too...
  21. How much bandwidth do IRC messages take? Could use an alternative server(s) in that case. There was actually a game I had hosted where I was able to set a player to be kicked & banned, then all the players were able to ready up for a match and we started, to the end of the loading (screen) process, I heard the player leaving sound which upon my return to lobby was actually from the player finally being kicked. I can with confidence say that the delay is not always so great, but I'm unfortunately not exaggerating. My old monitor ran at it's native 1680 x 1050 and my new one runs at it's native 2560x1440. The game client is set at 2048x1152 as it's the highest full-screen resolution supported, while the spawner can use the full native resolution. On both monitors the fonts look poor, on my old one they looked pixellated and on the new one they look blurry (stretched), my guess would be that the YR client doesn't have font/dpi scaling implemented so it's looks crap. I know it doesn't help, I just didn't want to spam the thread. Some suggestions would be... 1. Being able to mute/ignore players from the main lobby through the context menu that appears when selecting a player from the list and right clicking. Also being able to do the same in the players list in the messages & all players menus (the ones under the F4 shortcut). 2. Being able to remove friends from the friends list through a context menu or a button, at the time being one would have to find the friend in the players list in the main lobby and then use the context menu option there, which is a rather weird (unexpected) place to find it. 3. Adding the option to invite players to a game from the friends' list and from the main lobby players list. 4. Keyboard shortcuts options are missing from the options menu. I'll let you know when I think/remember of more, the first two did make me think WTF though.
  22. Once I have my new PC up and running I'll be able to stream.
  23. The client already feels 'hacky', there's a huge delay in sending chat messages to other players in a hosted game lobby, kicking and banning players often takes 30 seconds. The fonts look blurred on standard HD reso with windows scaling set to 100% and even more so on 125% on a 2K display. The user experience design side of things is lacking, with some options missing in spots wherer they would be expected, I could give a thorough analysis of what could be improved to make the client more pleasant to use. Wouldn't it be possible to override the chat colour for black and have it default to grey?
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