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  1. Oh, I'm sorry but IMHO Your work barely fills the term of "strategy guide". Except general descriptions here'n'there this so-called "guide" isn't guiding at all. For instance - what is (or was) the most popular army composition for GDI and Nod? How to make fast eng-rush? How to control the map? What are the key points on several maps to keep eye on? How to expand? I'm not critisizing nor arguing with You but lack of basic build orders or how to control army numbered in few dozens are just a few things to hand on utter novice. StarCraft: Brood War isn't apealing at all. Before I've stumbled upon Team Liquid's Guide I was unable to win a single game. Once I've learned two cheesy BO's I've started winning against players who also lacked of proper guidance.
  2. Oh, just fool around with pitch and bass in Audacity and You should achieve a similar effect to CABAL's voice. Also, good to see other gamers localizing old goodies
  3. FPS is bound with animation and only then it makes a real difference. If Rifleman shoots in interval of 2-3 frames with game refreshing at 25 FPS, the same unit will shoot faster with 60 FPS refresh rate. Hence is why Blizzard made a huge mistake with refresh rate at the early version of StarCraft because it was bound to CPU speed. I don't have to mention that Blizzard's IP needs approx. 100 Mhz (even less) and when CPU clocks gained significant power the game was simply unplayable on newer CPU's. That's why the game had to be slowed down back to around 23 FPS (on fastest setting). However, the C&C titles suffers from lack of stable refresh rate. Even though for newer rigs it's not a big deal to play 20 yo game, the game engine is still the same and FPS drops are still siginificant. Despite sincere desires of community hackers, some obstacles cannot be overcomed due to game engine which is simply obsolete and requires abandoned solutions no longer supported by modern systems. For some of You who don't follow: OpenRA runs flawlessly because it was written from scratch with up-to-date solutions used in gaming industry. Same things won't work with C&C95 or RA2 simply because game engine is a proprietary thing and freeware don't make it any easier. Even abandonware is not that abandoned if you rewrite application from ground-up.
  4. If You want to attract newcomers to the game the easiest way is to write / record strategy guides with openings, mid-game tactics and late-game instructions. This is how StarCraft maintain player base, because there is always something to learn or practice about. Anyway, I know there are some strategy guides "out there" but honestly, we should consider upload them on some Wiki fanpage with link to CnCNet so new players won't feel lost. What are pros? First of all, the veterans can assume that rivals at least knows basics. That makes game at least competetive and not a waste of time when the oponent rather on conflict focuses on base-building. Secondly, players at least know what are the build orders so even if they don't feel confident in 1v1, they can try 2v2 or 4v4. Lastly, organise some kind of "n00b League" with "no pressure" rules so even if some people won't make any progress after some time in game, they can at least have some fun.
  5. I have a different kind of issue with game. When i turn in on, and try to record it using FRAPS it gets crash. I can't even beat first GDI mission because of that. I tried many different options, many configurations - no results. When i'll get back home i'll try upload error message that pops-up right after crash. Cheers!
  6. The easiest way to fight with cheating, would be program which scans local game folder for search of any unaccepted files selected by community. However, the problem is that the trainer can be run out of the game folder, and / or replace official files with corrupted ones. I've seen such application in StarCraft. It's called "ICCup Launcher" and it includes Anti Hack. I have no idea how it works - because i'm not a programmer - but i never seen a hacks during games using ICCup Launcher.
  7. You downloaded it from Ubuntu distro? Because latest (stable) version is 1.6.1., but you have to add Wine repository: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntu-wine/ppa Back to topic... I'm using PlayOnLinux, which is based on Wine and allows to use many Wine versions for each installed program. For example: i have StarCraft, Origin and CnCNet installed, but each of them are using seperate versions of Wine for best performance. StarCraft: BW is using 1.5.1 Wine, because latest versions of Wine don't work properly with BattleNet (issues with BNet graphic overlay). Here it is how it look like: CnCNET works marvelous with Wine (no difference at all to Windows), but it has some issues with virtual drives. Somehow it doesn't see a virtual drive on which it is installing. I had to manually select "default" drive, and during installation process change the destination folder. It's not a huge problem. Just inconvenience. I don't know even how it could be fixed, but other programs don't force me to install them in "Downloaded" folder
  8. Your installer isn't working properly on Linux. More precisely with PlayOnLinux. For no obvious reason it doesn't see virtual drive on which program is installing - with some workarounds it installs correctly, but it's an uncomfortable issue. Nevertheless program runs smoothly as it should be.
  9. Have you tried running TS on Virtual Machine?
  10. I belive everyone who participate in this poll, will vote for freeware Red Alert 2... it meaningless and simple spam.
  11. Read the first post please rather than making a useless reply. @Riseofbane: I'm not talking about the 'unit reporting' sound when you click on the unit, I am aware it's supposed to sound like a walkie talkie. I was referring to the sound made when spending credits, or gaining them. Hey, Have you tried to choose different sound card during installation?
  12. Here: http://www.dosbox.com/ EDIT: And yes - it is compatible with Vista / 7 / 8 and other OS.
  13. I've reinstalled the game and patch applied succesfully. TY!
  14. Greetings! I have an issue with my ORIGINAL C&C 1.07 DOS version. I am tryin' to patch it via DOSBox, but after i run "PATCH.exe" i recieve this message: After this when i type "C:\OLDGAMES\C&C\C&C.exe" DOSBox says: Anyone knows how to apply a patch?
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