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  1. False Alarm! Turns out I was not giving the WinXP enough time to fully boot up the OS. After waiting 10 minutes from starting the WinXP machine after a shutdown or reboot, then I was able to open C&C95 just fine. Still, quite weird. Maybe it accidentally worked? lol.
  2. Hello again! I have been working on salvaging old computers from my closet so my crew can enjoy some C&C95 together. On my old GatewayCx210x, windows XP Sp3, machine, C&C95 Gold works great until I shutdown or restart the computer. Then, after I do a shutdown/restart, I return to open game and nothing happens. The game is in the task manager process list, but never actually opens anything at all. To fix this, I have to uninstall/reinstall C&C95 Gold. I used Nyerguds installer from http://nyerguds.arsaneus-design.com/cnc95upd/cc95p106/ Is this an installer problem and should I try a different installer? What should I do? This is just an annoyance. Besides this, the game continues to process great without any weirdness. Thanks for any help, appreciate it.
  3. Thanks! Unfortunately, the new video stuttering, which I didn't have before, began once i set the singlecpu=true The cursor freeze on menu display rarely happens, mainly when I play for a long time. So, I guess some sort of wierd "traffic jam with memory allocation". This was on my older laptop, used a Intel Core2 or something with win7 64bit, can't remember much else off hand. I got my new windows10 laptop today with the i7 and not had a single problem. Seems odd to me this game runs much smoother on this i7 win10 64-bit machine. Guess might just be a problem with my older machine since i have been using it for over 15 years. Thanks again for all your efforts! I look forward to them.
  4. Original C&C game balance was for solo play, not multiplayer, and the stealth tank demonstrates this. Anyone using the stealth to their advantage as is done in solo play? Nope! I like this balance patch. This balance patch will help C&C be fun in multiplayer. Balance changes are very thoughtful. Thank you for this! MLRS minimum range is unfortunately since there are so many NOD units that can easily snipe defenses. So, basically, defenses become useless when playing against NOD other than to defend against the occasional suicide squad attack.
  5. Thanks so much for the continuing efforts here! I lost hope that I could get C&C95 Gold to work again, but now it's amazing. I donated to CnCnet so thanks so much for bringing back the memories! I am slowly figuring out how to tweak things so works better for me. Is there a readme file that explains the ddraw.ini parameters? I am having a wierd issue where, after playing for a while, I can no longer use the menu because my cursor disappears when the "esc" menu opens. I've set maxfps to below my refresh rate, singlecpu to false, and set vhack to true. Windowed and Maintas and boxing is false. fullscreen is true+windowed=false. Any idea why, after I play for a while, I lose cursor function when the menu is open? In previous posts, there are images of a different configuration program. All I see if the CCConifg.exe, it is like the old one. Is there a different config program for me to use? Thanks for your effort and time! Very much appreciate it.
  6. Sounds like, since turning all of the associates security services off would not help, the only other recourse you are suggesting that the problem computers must uninstall all security programs. Hmmm... I don't know about that.... Sounds to me to be a bit extreme. So, if when using a wireless connection/router as the LAN medium, then I do not have to be concerned about the ports?
  7. Forgot to mention also... Back when I was with my buds, once we all finally and successfully got connected after many tries, after finishing a match and returning to the C&C95 main menu, the mouse would freeze and some fellas had to Force Close the game and restart it to get it to work again. I figure the workaround of Force Close and Restart is good, but thought I'd share. No worries. Going to try the direct cat5 LAN connection and also, with the router option, going to try the port forwarding mentioned in the hyperlink I posted above.
  8. NEVERMIND... Got C&C95 running again on my laptop.... I went into CCConfig, changed the Visual options back to the original settings. Then, C&C95 started just fine... Changed the options back to what I want... C&C95 starts fine now on my laptop... Now, back to trying to get this LAN network thing to work. It's all good. I figured I would run into problems. Going to try everything though to get it to work tho!
  9. Ok. Now... My laptop will not even start C&C95, which it was starting fine for many times over while trying to figure this out, but the C&C95.exe is showing in the "Processes" tab within the Windows Task Manager. Also, forgot to mention, this particular laptop is running Windows XP Professional. So, then, uninstatalled, deleted the Westwood directory, and reinstalled C&C95... Shutdown laptop and started... C&C95 will not start now, just only has the process name within the Windows Task Manager... Grrrr.... Now, I gotta figure out how to get C&C95 to start working.
  10. I appreciate the fast responses! Continue to throw ideas out. I am willing to try it all. Going to continue play around to see if this will work. Everyone is gone now, but trying to make this work between my business laptop and desktop. Still get the same issue... Going to try the Manual Port Forward instructions for my router in the thread http://cnc-comm.com/community/index.php?topic=912.0. Gonna also try just direct LAN to LAN connection with a cat5 cable between the 2 computers rather than through a router. Will post what happens. Oddest thing is that... Everything is OK when my desktop computer hosts and my laptop joins... Then... When my laptop hosts and my desktop joins, then my desktop's C&C95 Gold instantly says "Mission Accomplished" and my laptop's C&C95 Gold says "waiting for connection....
  11. Tried the "cncnet5.exe", chose the LAN option, then logged in, but apparently requires an Internet connection. Internet connection shouldn't be required if trying to play on just a local LAN network.
  12. That was the first approach we tried. Turned off the Window's Firewall, Wireless Router Firewalls, and all security programs.... When we did this, Internet was disconnected as well.
  13. Wasn't for sure if I needed to create a new thread or not since seems like this thread is closely related. First off, I sincerely thank and appreciate the time and effort Nyerguds and "the crew" has helped with making this possible. C&C95 was my first RTS, its release date was the reason I stopped using MACs, and I almost get that same feeling again from first playing it at a retail's demo station on the floor and purchasing it at the retail store, all at once the experiences return to me when I began playing it again here today. With how technology is now, that is hardware outpacing software, I was afraid this game was forever lost. Now I am glad to see not all is lost and I am surprised there is such a huge fan club, which I was not ever aware of until now. Very nice the online connectivity still being around. So, again, well done dudes!! Appears Nyerguds is the guy that started all of this and was trying to donate except something happened; I will see how to donate to ya some how. If someone can tell me how to directly donate to Nyerguds (ensuring it is actually Nyerguds), then I will send a donation. Well done!! But... There is one major buzz kill whenever my buds and I are trying to connect through LAN. Problem is occurring within the C&C95 Gold Game > Multiplayer Game > Network. The machine's involved either have Windows 7 Ultimate (64bit) or Windows 7 Profession (64bit). Connecting through a wireless router instead of direct LAN hub. Within the C&C95 Gold game, one of us will select "new" to host a game then the game will show up on everyone's Games list for only 6 seconds before it disappears. I figured that we had quickly connect to the Game before it disappears. So, my buds and I all quickly connected to the game. The game launched fine at first, but, within seconds, others are thrown the "Mission Accomplished" message, goes to summary screen, a memory or end process very briefly appears (couldn't get a screenshot of it) before all is kicked to the in-game (C&C95 Gold) LAN Network lobby, and leaves the host with a "Other system not responding" message. However, when someone else hosts and starts a game, then everything is ok for a while until this happens again. Seems I am having better luck than the author of this thread, but seems to be the same problem.
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