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  1. Not sure $30 dollars is going to be enoug to bring back the hall of gamers like Schafer mega etc . They would wipe the floor with the top ww guys who play now lol a big difference in skill
  2. Clutching at straws here humble.
  3. Being British I can't really stay online until 4am just to get the opportunity to possibly play 1 or maybe 2 forest fires. Just the same way I don't expect the Americans to come on at 2pm to coincide with the times I play. The only opportunity that I get to play tiberian sun nowadays is giants of war 4 on 4, which is quite fun but the Westwood side of the game is really terrible If you have no life and are willing to wait 15-30 mins just to start a game then it's fine (or if you idle at the computer s lot and don't mind waiting like humble and trz seem to do) Played a lot of red alert recently and once u grasp the game it's a lot more fun purely because of the higher activity levels. Such a shame always loved tiberian sun but there is very limited players now and the skill level is nothing like it used to be
  4. Game has really slowed down lately , same old faces on every night (trz, humble, tight, kush) few more too takes about an hour to get a forest fires game, don't even bother with terrace as if u ain't in the main 8 players u probably get kicked . Rip ts, ra2 here we come
  5. 1v1 is already catered for (torny) Probably not enough good players for 2on2 tourney lol unless u include modders. Your about 12 years behind the times humble.
  6. Doing a !seen in the lobby half the players mentioned don't even play anymore.
  7. Most modders ate pleasant to play with the community is a much nicer environment . Pro lobbies just filled with people shouting at each other for not being perfect or banning people Coz they don't recognise their username. There are a handful of pros who are nice to play with and will help u but at the moment I can't think of their names :-p
  8. humble are you on crack ? You seem awfully unstable. Fine cigar, elite player and still one of the best regardless of what username he is using. If he wants to remain anonymous that's his choice. The elite crop of players are complete douche bags, permanently insulting each other and banning you from their games even when you want spec it's no wonder some of them want to hide their username and just play for the Lols. There's a handful of the elites, cigar included that help modders and are generally nice people but the rest are morons.
  9. some people may want to remain anonymous, you have to respect that.
  10. I believe the ban feature should be updated . No names mentioned but I was in a Giants game 8 player with a renowned nod playing idiot and he decided to ban me because the game before it was my fault he got scouted. I think it should be vote to kick at least then one player can't erupt and ruin your gaming experience (being as there's like 1 game available most of the time )
  11. One thing I noticed while you play u don't use many binds like u had to select repair and sell for your last ref and it ended up blowing up . Set the keys to bind as losing your last ref by blowing is just as good as surrendering u will be broke .
  12. People Abusing the ladder, setting weird maps and refusing to 1on1 each other has pretty much ruined it I haven't tried it for weeks and frankly couldn't care less.
  13. Great idea I think we should have newer maps also where new players can try and make it very basic something like bbg and call it newbs only . Look at players like kine and firestar both played bbg for ages now they are both good on most maps (obviously not on Westwood yet) Modders can be the worse for welcoming, we all know. Nodrescue likes to stack teams in his favour and cry when he more than often dies but I've seen him get scouted because an allie made one mistake and ban that person lol. There's a handful of Westwood players that are probably leagues above everyone else . Energy52, humble, benny, stylwar. Now even if a medium player played with these the medium players team would almost always lose so maybe they can buddy up and show how to play
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