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  1. Opinions on Sealing a soviet in 1v1

    player preference, I personally tend not to seal or engi to win a game if the game is already over and I'm dead in the water I will just to do it. but at that point it would not win me the game anyways
  2. The "Who is...." topic.

    ill let you in on the secret ron im [voZ]marsh
  3. Will there be a Red Alert 2 mode in ladder?

    ra2 has a ladder, go get bailed on xwis or enjoy what they've brought to the table here at cncnet. (very long time ra2 ladder player on xwis and wol)
  4. Lets talk about addiction!

    if people are unable to separate themselves from a game to do what they need to do, then they obviously have other issues they need to take into account as well and have self control. it's not the games fault, it's the users fault.
  5. MX mod maps

    I do agree, but I still stand that ra1 is a first to rush power plants to win. I've played both game competitively on ladder (ra1 back in 98-00)
  6. MX mod maps

    ra1 is okay, I forgot how simpleton the game was to just rush mcv and power with q and done. it's essentially an ultimate tank spam game and requires no where the amount of micro and macro ra2 does. still a decent game to play in the downtime
  7. MX mod maps

    I am well aware Mexican isn't a race. I hope you got my point, doubt that you did, and yes I didn't get this information through discord. does this make it fake news? or did you not get offended to what ive heard? Its easy to play the victim in any circumstance I get that, maybe Ernesto is offended and he identifies as a white female and not a Mexican male. did you think of that? this is 2017 and everyone is so concerned with stuff like that, did you not think to find out if he was triggered by this first? race isn't the only think you should consider, you only assumed the race thing because I pointed out you being sjw to racial injustice. which isn't the case m8 i'll leave this be for now as I tend to not like to stir the pot.
  8. MX mod maps

    oh I totally understand harmless jokes. this is a gaming forum and before I came to cncnet you should see the jokes ive made that have triggered people with the thickest of skin. however I can also take the flame. I can take the jokes and not get upset. some can not. I have never personally insulted you nor would I, we do not know each other to the stand point that I would say stuff off the wall like I would to others. however I have heard that you can become offended when it comes to race or subjects in the current events of 2017 world. I just feel as if you can take it by all means dish it out. but if you are unable to take it yourself and have that thick skin and realize that the world is not always against you, then its probably best to not make the comments that would easily warrant someone coming back at you.
  9. MX mod maps

    for the amount of racial injustice you speak out for and / or get triggered about..... why even? cant take it, don't dish it m8
  10. my official quit

    ggs, sure we may see you around blazer in the notion the game has ruined your life, it's a responsibility thing that you need to address as well, if it's not one distraction it may be another m8
  11. Update on marsh vs hurricane irma

    oh it gets much worse than that. that's just a common cause of indirect deaths after hurricanes here. I live in florida, we aren't known to lead the academic awards of the USA by any means.
  12. Update on marsh vs hurricane irma

    most houses in my area are made of cinder blocks ??? most people homes in florida are made to withstand hurricanes.
  13. Update on marsh vs hurricane irma

    most deaths in florida from hurricanes are indirect, like people running generators in their closed garage, there was 2 of those this week in my area alone.
  14. Update on marsh vs hurricane irma

    no shack here lol, power is back up just waiting for xfinity to start back up and ill be back to playing that being said we did get hit harder than expected, 2nd worst damage from hurricane and the eye went overtop my house....fucking weathermen always wrong....
  15. Update on marsh vs hurricane irma

    Holy hell man I'm sorry, this hurricane season has been something out of the ordinary. Maria is now a cat 5 I read and they are showing it slamming the same areas that irma did. Hope you guys all stay safe. To Justin. Only until my xfinity is fixed in the next day or two