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  1. ohh no you're better than me, should just put the shotgun in the mouth now. lol champion
  2. wish i stilled cared as much as you guys, miss the old drama sometimes. so, i'll say in closing, you are all garbage, #1 marsh wins again 😮
  3. 1 post 1 kill. damn.
  4. honestly, who cares anymore?
  5. Marsh

    Allied vs Soviets (RUSH GAME)

    try using a ggi ifv first instead of tank first, then camp behind pill boxes. fast tech will stop the rush, and Tanya the ic to shit.
  6. Marsh


    oh fucking wow man, i'm so lost for words......a truly great friend from ra2. i'm fucking sad for real man
  7. Marsh

    alt allowed?

    alt actually doesnt work like it does on xwis. if you get alted it takes a lot of effort.
  8. Marsh


    Yes I took the weekend off so tmrw I'll try to get that going
  9. Marsh


    sadly i'll no longer use music in background, my archives are muted for copy right :(
  10. Marsh


    I've been streaming lately and commentary of all games, was told im pretty good and active too. please feel free to check out the archived videos or watch live around 9 PM est til I end. discord link located on stream if you feel like joining in the conversation while stream is live. thanks guys
  11. Marsh


    i am d0wndariv on the cncnet ladder yes.
  12. Marsh


    depends on what d0wndariv we are talking, downdariv isn't me, but i've been using d0wndariv with a 0 since about 2006 at least.
  13. Marsh

    December 2vs2 Bracket and Rules

    @XXxPrePxX @scalpem im on today
  14. Marsh

    December 2vs2 Bracket and Rules

    i was simply asked, but you can feel welcomed to find scalpem another m8 if you so wish
  15. Marsh

    December 2vs2 Bracket and Rules

    anytime on weekdays 9pm est or time sunday