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  1. Just a suggestion: I'd establish the tournament as a regular event (with a stable pool of players) before looking at introducing a sign-up fee as it may put people off from entering. However, I suppose it depends on how much the fee will be and how many players are willing to contribute.... In my opinion, River Runs Near is the best 3 on 3 WW map. Period. ????
  2. The download, leaderboard, forum, news and status section links on http://cncnet.org/ are broken. Perhaps it's a problem with my browser, perhaps not - just thought I'd mentioned.
  3. I'm thinking about playing TS again, but there isn't a version, as far as I can see, for Linux in CnCNet's download section. Any help would be appreciated.
  4. I wonder what is worse: copying another players name or using homophobic language.
  5. How many people still play TS on a regular basis?
  6. You look like Private Pyle, Semenweasal. You'll probably end up going the same way. You're a fruitcake, son.
  7. 99% of the TS community are wankers. Fact.
  8. I love River Runs Near. Excellent map and plenty tib for 8 players. I might check it out when I can be arsed to play TS.
  9. Unfortunately, the XWIS 'you owned me cos you cheat' numpty brigade have brought their shitpot paranoia to the server. I've been banned from every mod game because I apparently 'cheat'. They don't seem to believe this is a cheat free server because ' it's what they want you to believe'. So, do cheats work on this server?
  10. I'm not surprised by this desperate attempt to get people to view his channel output as it must be galling for semenweasal to see videos without commentary receive higher view counts than his. Says it all really.
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