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  1. It looks like it was a driver issue, I just updated it and now it works fine.
  2. So after updating to 3.81 my game doesn't have sound anymore, this only happens if I start it from CnCNet, my game works perfectly by itself. I've checked the sound options and they're all fine. This is more like an issue from the exe given by the client or the client itself. Any solutions?
  3. it would be interesting to see a matchup between all these players for the title of the "best allied"
  4. I forgot to mention that, pretty important on the description. Updated.
  5. Greetings everyone, I'd like to leave here the famous Tour of Egypt with modded rules. When I though about this, I had an idea which was to port MO 2.0 (Mental Omega) rules into a map so people could have a preview of what MO is like, so you'll see a lot of influence there from it and I picked up some other ideas from other mods, but in the end I changed some things over here and over there to give result to this mashup of Ankarar, MO and other mod rules in one. The focus of this map is to make the gameplay more interesting, fast, strategical and fun to play, improving some aspects of the game, stuff that requires some adjustment and improving the balance in general without having to completely change the way the game is played. List of changes: General: - Doubled the MCV armor (for both deployed and un-deployed modes). - Increased building placement distance. - Walls no longer require Barracks. - Defenses can promote, they are cheaper, they have a sound effect when selected, and it has a visual range indicator now. - All vehicles can now attack while moving (exceptions are V3, Dreadnought, Aircraft Carrier, Boomer and Magnetron). - Most of units can now be found on crates (including air units like NightHawk Transport, Siege Chopper, and Floating Disc). - Howitzer tank is available on crates. - All Gattling weapons can now hold their potency for a few seconds. - Faster and cheaper vehicle repair on Service Depots. - Slighty faster paradrop infantry dropping. - Slighty faster V3 rockets. - Improved build speed, infantry trains faster. - Ore grows faster. - Force Shield blackout time reduced, it now lasts until the Force Shield is deactivated. - Ore, Gems and Oil Derricks value increased. Allies: - Deployed GI firepower reduced. - Guardian GI armor increased, he can now garrison buildings. Deployed attack range reduced. - Rocketeer cost reduced to $500 and firepower reduced slighty. - Robot Tank armor increased slighty, and it can acquire veterancy. - I.F.V. can now crush infantry. - Prism Tank speed reduced slighty, firepower reduced vs tanks, and armor increased slighty. - Mirage Tank now displays a heat ray when shooting. Fixed elite weapon. - Harrier and Black Eagle cost reduced to $1000 and they will now retaliate when being attacked. Soviets: - Flak Trooper can now be trained without Radar, armor increased. - Tesla Trooper is now immune to dog attacks and he can now garrison buildings. - Desolator is now immune to dog attacks. - Terrorist armor and speed increased, and he cannot be crushed. - Demolition Truck builds slighty faster, it can now crush infantry and armor increased. Also it can be ordered to self-destruct via deploy. - Apocalypse Tank elite anti-air weapon fixed. - Tesla Tank armor increased, range increased slighty. - Kirov Airship now builds slighty faster. - Nuclear Reactor now has a green lightning effect. - Battle Bunker size increased to 6 infantry and cost increased to $600. Yuri: - Brute cost reduced to $400. - Yuri Engineer now uses the correct dying voice sound effect. - Yuri Prime armor and range increased, elite deploy damage increased and visual effect changed. - Gattling Tank cost increased to $700, it can now crush infantry. Powerful when elite. - Chaos Drone cost reduced to $800, it explodes now when destroyed, releasing its gas. - Magnetron cost increased to $1500, it now requires Battle Lab to build. Attack-move disabled and it cannot attack below cliffs now. - Master Mind armor increased sligthy, speed reduced slighty. - Floating Disc weapon applies Virus effect when killing infantry. Download https://mega.nz/#!80BADYgb!CQkwAepnTG51HjhEUNJDibRVUbmy1nHhJS7IcGqxIf0 Have fun!
  6. seems interesting but i think crates should be enabled i'll be in
  7. Ankarar

    Can't log in

    It has been fixed on the 2.49 update. Thanks for the help tho.
  8. This seems more like a secret feature developers left rather than a bug exploit or a cheat. It shouldn't be considered as such. It doesn't get close to break the game.
  9. Ankarar

    Can't log in

    Tried that and didn't work. Doesn't work either.
  10. Ankarar

    Can't log in

    Just as the title says. I'll leave a snap here
  11. Having more issues with the selection screen on rooms in the 2.46 version. Very laggy when selecting your country / spot / color, this causes desyncs most of the time, making players not start the game when the host does and viceversa. Also, in some specific maps or perhaps most of them have issues when a player tries to select the spot 8, it just cannot get selected. Joining and hosting a room is also taking really long.
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