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  1. Hey, I don't receive the verification code. I've tried a couple of time in about 5 days. Thanks in advance!
  2. Thanks for the answer! I‘ll give it a try then! When I set Renderer=DDWrapper in the RA2MD.ini, where to copy the .ini file then? When I copy to the install dir, it get‘s overwritten by the cncnet client.
  3. Hi, is it possible to use the ddwrapper from http://bitpatch.com/ddwrapper.html in the Yuris Revenge CNCNet Client? Wine is working fine with it on Mac OS. All the others renderer in the client (Default, Automatic, GID and DxWnd) aren't working in my case. Thanks in advance!
  4. When did I say I'd like to cheat? Still asking myself why you've taken part in this topic? OMG Alex you're just too childish. Sweet :roll:
  5. sorry ma fault, curent bill* :roll: Tell me, whats the advantage to cheat in an ffg? And like I've said, the conversation about cheating never took place :roll: Now please go ahead and waste too much time in posting crap about others :roll: EDIT: Posting crap all day and all night about everything*
  6. Like I've said I'm not the one you link on Uhhh the lonely nerd gets nasty XD EDIT: PS: Isn't it time for you to look for a job? You have too much time! Mommy is certainly not proud of her little boy, which causes high current bills
  7. Unbelievable how much time and trouble, just to make someone look like a cheater in a dead game.. really too funny.. We had contact because of reverse engineering for the ladder, yes. But I've never had contact with you before. PS: Don't waste all your time in talking trash and flodding forums. Cncnet-Team did all the work, nobody in here needs you! Please dude, get a life, there's a world outside of your room! :roll:
  8. Oh really? Show me when and where? Aren't you the permanent banned fog- and ladder hacker? Hast schon ne Freundin gefunden oder verbringst noch immer 24h am Tag in CNC-Foren und hobelst auf ein paar Schwuchtelpornos und Rhinos?
  9. Hello, can someone explain me how to create a ladder game? Always I click on "Create Game", "Game Type" is "Non-Ranked" and I can't select "Ranked"!? :puppydog: Thanks in advance Best Regards Mark
  10. VMware is very user-friendly and easy to use, just use nat or bridged Network for Connecting with cncnet. You could also use vhd boot, very nice feature since Windows 7
  11. When you want to trace the packets sent from game to server, server to game, wireshark is sufficient
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