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Can't Install CNCNET for Yuri's revenge



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THAT WORKS!!!  awesome thank you!! ❤️


Now another question, is there any way to force a custom resolution?  My double-wide monitor is actually TOO wide for the maps, but there's no 32:9 resolution below 3840 x 1080 available.   I want to force 2560x720 but every time I enter that into ra2md.ini the game automatically resets to 640x480.

yeah...i know, first world problems, but the native resolution of really messes up the game.  It stutters all over the place when I try to scroll.


edit: I figured it out.  Thank you so much for your help!!

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Try setting the renderer to cnc-ddraw or GDI with 2560x720 as the resolution.

And maybe it would work if you set renderer to cnc-ddraw then check the window button and when the game window pops up press alt+enter to fullscreen it.

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