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wtf is wrong with client



I re installed the game (because of MOmega..) and after fresh install , these happenin:

my radar was working but went black after a game and keeps black on games. (YR)

Im changing renderer and game freezes  half sec every minute.

and there is a troll in my host room  I cant BLOCK him because I CANT SEE THE ANNOYING TROLL on players list on right side bar

my question is:
WT actual F?


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oh there is more. Im tryin the reinstall the ALL but  I CANT uninstall the CNC client because there is no UNINSTALL FILE ON cncclients folder... There is no CNC on removeprogram tool. cnc is still able to working when clicked. no uninstall file. wow. great...

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On 1/31/2019 at 2:03 AM, dkeeton said:

Can you delete the version file that's in your game directory and let an update run?

If the problem persists, what renderer are you using?

Hey. I was busy.  Im doin it now thanks.

(Ts ddraw)

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