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  1. this will be a cake walk for like the 4th time in a row
  2. Any chance this is a possibility?
  3. Yes, the idea is not a random partner.
  4. abc123abc123

    2v2 qm

    Can this be implemented? I heard the chinese have their own version of this. Would be super sick
  5. Somebody wants to challenge me? :) I'm always down to humiliate someone on stream.
  6. The problem occurs when I scroll over the games list. Some error called spirite or something client.log
  7. Mine keeps crashing after like 30 seconds client.log
  8. Can we add jungle? and offense defense? then we will join?
  9. I suggest adding offense defense and jungle of vietnam to the mix
  10. Add in the all star team Matt+Max+Some other god will be participating
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