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  1. twitch doesn't keep videos forever, can streamers upload videos to youtube? I know it's possible
  2. Nickname: alexeyk Skype: alexei.kucherenko Ability to stream/record?: Yes but not always
  3. Will add £50 to a prize pool
  4. Date: 24.12.2016, 10am (checkin), 11am - start (time: CET) Link: https://goodgame.ru/cup/4734/ (must be register on GG to play tourney) - maps and settings inside (use google translate if needed) Type: single elimination (bo3, bo5 - semifinals, bo7 - final) Prize pool: currently nothing but will be > $50 and < $100 (3 places), depends on players count Note about settings: pure Ra2 mode, speed - faster (but can be fastest per agreement with opponent) Can answer questions if any
  5. You just worry about playing your losers match so we can continue this tournament. Don't worry about it, better to think how to avoid such issue in the future XD A simple way would be the admins checking everyones IP before game starts, once that is confirmed we play. Agree Or any another way to prove identity
  6. You just worry about playing your losers match so we can continue this tournament. Don't worry about it, better to think how to avoid such issue in the future XD
  7. haha XD Nice 5 previous pages XD To be honest it's really almost impossible to believe that someone play 2x2 without Skype conference with his mate XD Anyway, great matches
  8. Prize pool is about $35 now. thinking about $50
  9. Yes it is m8 Please sign up us: alexeyk & reptoh P.S. Will add ~$50 to a prize pool if I can stream games for Russian audience
  10. Yes, we play it using CnCNet.
  11. Hi guys, Here is a Ra2 tourney (ra2 mode) that will be on 12-13th November. The prize will be about $25-$50 for first or/and second place(s) (thinking about it right now). The rules can be changed (we're analyzing CNC tournament now, very interesting experience) Link: https://goodgame.ru/cup/4526/'>https://goodgame.ru/cup/4526/ To participate you need to sign up on https://goodgame.ru web site One note about the prize money. As money are guaranteed by the platform we're using you will be able to do a withdraw only in the beginning of the next month I can answer any questions you have. Thank you for reading it
  12. SirAlex, please contact me in Skype (id above), I will send you details of your account
  13. Skype: alexei.kucherenko I'm waiting you there
  14. SirAlex, you have less than 20 minutes to decide will you play or not. There are only 8 people there
  15. I've sent you username and password via email. Please check and update email to your email. It will be important later if you win
  16. Contact me in Skype. I will help you
  17. - Yes, this is tomorrow, actually today. Yes, you can sign up (I can help you if needed, just let me know). - Stream (on Russian) will be here http://goodgame.ru/channel/Kochevnik/ and here https://www.twitch.tv/stepnyak (same streamer) - 22 players registred for now - via CnCNet - I think you can speak on English. Other people will help you I think if needed P.S. Contact me in Skype. See signature
  18. 1st place ~$50 Date: 23 July Checkin: 12pm MSK time Start: 1pm MSK time Link: http://goodgame.ru/cup/3818/ (use google translate to translate rules) P.S Need account on goodgame.ru to play on trounament maps: 1.Deadman's Ridge 2.Dune Patrol 3.Tsunami 4.Isle of War 5.Blood Feud 6.Hail Mary 7.Meat Grinder 8.Twin Peaks 9.South Pacific rules: -unit count = 0 -credits = 10000 -speed - faster -short game -MCV repacks -Superweapons -Red Alert 2 -Destroyable bridges -Multi Engineer -No Respawn prewiev double elimination, bo3 Finales - bo5 Grand Final - bo7
  19. Hi folks! I'd like to invite you to take a part in monthly Ra2 tournament. It will be hosted on GG (http://goodgame.ru) tournament platform (http://goodgame.ru/cup/2814/). To join tournament you need to sign up on GG and join tournament The tournament will starts in 3pm (MSK) on 26th March. Check-in starts in 2pm (MSK). P.S. If you have any questions, please post them in this topic. Rules: (translated to English) The tournament would be held through the server http://cncnet.org/. The tournament system: Full Double Elimination (bo3). Winners brackers final, losers brackers minor final, losers brackers final, final and grand final would be bo5 Game settings: - Units count = 0 - Credits = 10000 - Speed = fastest - Short game = on - MCV Repacks - Superweapons = on - Red Alert 2 (ra2 mode on) - Destroyable bridges - Multi engineer Maps (maps can be updated): - Tournament B - River Rampage - Tunguska - Country Swing - Tour of Egypt - South Pacific - Offense defense - The Path more traveled by Before the start of the game, both players may consider, which map would be in the first round of their game, or if they cannot consider, they must pick a map by the method of cancellation. After the first map played, the next have to be chosen by loser. 1) On the tournament prohibited any kind of bad language or disrespectful behave to other players, spectators, opponents, judges or organizers, during the game, in game lobby, or in tournament chat. 2) Prohibited to write in chat during the game false information, or to distract opponent on purpose. Writing in chat during the game, beside cases, provided by rules, would be considered as disctacting opponent on purpose. 3) During the tournament player has to be in the tournament chat. 4) If player doesn’t reply during 10 minutes, judge has a right to consider a technical loss. 5) Your nickname on cncnet has to be the same as the nickname registered for the tournament. 6) The pause between games would be not more then 5 minutes. If pause would be more then 5 minutes, the judge has a right to give a warning point. 7) A judge has a right to discuss any controversial, not provided by these rules, with other judges, and give collegial decision. The final decision, given by judges, can not be canceled. Any appeals, you can give after the tournament. In case on violating items: 1 and 2, would be given a penalty. After three penalties you would be kicked out of the tournament.
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