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  1. Tournament is ended 1st - Zhasulan (Tamasha) 2nd - Gamzat001 3rd - Sewer_snake (Kalaps_S8) Streamer's POV - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MHkGgOqSs58
  2. Update: 1. System: Single Elimination (will be ended for 3-4 hours at max) 2. Added 3 maps to map pool: - Heartland - Golden State FWY - Snow Valley All maps: 1.Deadman's Ridge 2.Dune Patrol 3.Isle of War 4.Hail Mary 5.Meat Grinder 6.Twin Peaks 7.South Pacific 8. Tournament A 9. Tournament B 10.Heartland 11. Golden State FWY 12.Snow Valley
  3. Updates: - Time is updated to 3pm MSK new countdown: https://www.timeanddate.com/countdown/generic?iso=20170415T15&p0=166&font=cursive - Speed: fastest
  4. alexeyk


  5. 1. Any map from tourney's map pool. At the current moment maps are the following but org may change them - Deadman's Ridge - Dune Patrol - Isle of War - Hail Mary - Meat Grinder - Twin Peaks - South Pacific - Tournament A - Tournament B 2. The org did it for the people who watch him (he is a streamer), these people are not even mid players in most of them, that's why this speed is used. However, if your opponent is fine with max speed, you can play on this speed
  6. Date: 15.04.2017 Time: (timezone: MSK) - 12pm (checkin) - without checkin u won't be able to play - 1pm - start (countdown: https://www.timeanddate.com/countdown/generic?iso=20170415T15&p0=166&font=cursive - new one) URL: https://goodgame.ru/cup/5314/ (must be register on GG to play this tourney) - maps and settings inside (use google translate if needed) System: single elimination (bo3, bo5 - semifinals, bo7 - final) Prize pool: currently almost nothing )) but previous tourney had prize pool about $50 Some settings: - Ra2 mode - speed - fastest - use side once per a series. It means player A vs. player B can use Iraq only once =) - first map is predefined, later loser pick Can answer any questions or help anyone to sign up
  7. @Tahj Am I correct, you're talking about these? - http://pvpgn.wikia.com/wiki/Westwood_Online_Protocols - http://pvpgn.wikia.com/wiki/Development_Documentation - http://pvpgn.wikia.com/wiki/List_WOL_Protocols
  8. Hehe Actually, I'm a also a programmer and know both stacks (node.js / PHP-Laravel, but prefer node ) The only problem I see in node.js implementation is that I'm not familiar with WOL database structure. BTW, what is WOL? Could you provide me a reference to read about it? Potentially, I can help a little with some tasks but I'm not sure about time I can spend on it. Anyway, I will try to research node.js project after 3rd April.
  9. Hi Grant, Could you please tell a reason why you move ladder API from node.js to PHP?
  10. I don't get it. Is this just a highlighted 1on1 between two guys? Correct. I will wait applications from different players to select two of them for the first series
  11. Greetings All I have an idea for a tournament but not sure will it have good success or not Anyway, here is a plot Where: 4th March 2017 about 8pm Moscow time (6pm CET, 9am PST) Countdown: https://www.timeanddate.com/countdown/generic?iso=20170304T20&p0=348&msg=King+of+the+Hill&font=cursive The format: bo13 (up to 7 wins) Maps: ~ same map pool like ZiGZaG 1x1 League has (maybe add some maps from XWIS) Who can play: any 2 players who want to join (I will choose 2 players from the list of players who want to play) Prize pool: $30 ($20 to winner, $10 to loser) Streams: one Russian caster but we can join one English caster if there are any (please let me know who can comment) If we have a success, we can do it once per month or once per 2 weeks Guys, WDYT? P.S. I will decide to make this match or abandon if on Friday if there is no interest from players
  12. Can join if there are available spots
  13. Does anyone want to play this week?
  14. Sign me up please also. P.S. 1. What's about maps? 2. Better to have broadcast to resolve possible issues (just advice, u can ignore it if u want) 3. Will consider to donate some money to this tourney
  15. Hmm, this video is only 1,5 mins length... I think this one is correct https://www.twitch.tv/aufruler/v/116576700
  16. Does anyone want to play some games over the weekend? Time is ticking
  17. ZiGZaG I can confirm the result. Also, we had AuFRuLeR in obs. Another issue here is that keeping videos in twitch is not good at all. I'd recommend you to ask streamers to upload videos from twitch to youtube. It's not hard and in this case we always can have access to videos
  18. Please add https://www.twitch.tv/aufruler
  19. Please add my friend DurkaRus. His channel is: https://www.twitch.tv/durkarus
  20. UPD: 1st place - ~$20 maps: 1.Deadman's Ridge 2.Dune Patrol 3.Isle of War 4.Hail Mary 5.Meat Grinder 6.Twin Peaks 7.South Pacific 8. Tournament A 9. Tournament B
  21. alexy -> alexey p.s. i guess it should stream link )
  22. Guys, who do streams, please check this out: http://nikitheliger.com/how-to-export-twitch-streams-to-youtube/ (or search by "twitch to youtube" if you found it useless)
  23. I think http://challonge.com/ is a good service to put results there. It supports round robin format. ZiGZaG, will you be able to find time to create a tourney there and insert results?
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