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  1. Missingno50

    Unable to find /tmpfile

    Never seen this before. It doesn't even give an error log.
  2. Missingno50

    CnCNet Driver?[ReactOS]

    I was testing the 32 bit build.
  3. Missingno50

    CnCNet Driver?[ReactOS]

    I'll check but I'm certain it's not. Edit:Nope, it's not. I got all the .net redistros that would work with ReactOS and it still didn't work.
  4. Missingno50

    CnCNet Driver?[ReactOS]

    I've been trying to install CnCNet on ReactOS. My first issue is this text, which is terrible, but I can live with this. But that's not why I'm here(image below.) The reason why I am here is because of a supposed driver. Attempting to join CNCNet, try a skirmish or do a LAN, bring up this screen. I'd like to know what driver this is trying to install. I noted that Windows XP and 2003 also bring up this message but it automatically installs the driver without me even touching anything(which means that this message makes sense on ReactOS as it's pretty much 2003 and XP compatible.) Anyone know where this driver might be?
  5. Missingno50

    CNCNet adding a new mod

    I have a question. How do I add my own modification to CNCNet's software.
  6. Missingno50

    CNCNet Games not displaying(OS:WINDOWS 8.1)

    Which client are you using (or which game are you trying to play)? I suspect... you're trying to play Yuri's Revenge? If so, make sure at the top right you click "Followed Games", and ensure Yuri's Revenge is checked as green. If this was the issue, is this your first time on CnCNet? No, as I said, I tried literally everything, including restarting as windows XP mini(although... I didn't have internet access for that. It was odd okay? An OS that had no wi-fi capabilities.) I don't know if it's got something to do with programming or the computer. As for the clients, I tried Dune 200, Tiberian sun, Red Alert 1 & 2(involving YR), heck, even the modded ones like Twisted Insurrection. Here's some more details:It's a dell laptop, probably from 2007(I forgot to check, and I don't have it on me at the moement), and it has 2 GB of ram, running Windows 8.1 build 9200 from a disk bootup, with a military programmed bios(Really, it's the 347th OSS bios that lets me switch between 3 operating systems), and that about sums it up for that. If you could reply soon, I would be very happy. P.S. It works perfectly fine on my 2007 Acer Aspire with windows 7, an ethernet cable, and 4 GB of ram, and I know from expirence that CNCnet DOES NOT reqquire that much ram, coupled with the fact that I have 1.75 free thanks to the OS stealing about .25 GB of ram, and the maxium a C&C game like RA2, possibly one of the more resource intensive ones of the bunch I tried, caps at 1 GB. And cncnet caps at .45 GB from expirence, so why can't I play? I know the game functions perfectly fine(I even ran several test matches to see if it worked), so I have no clue what's happening. And this is a tech savvy kid(who solved his dad's issue in less than a few minutes, which he was fustrated from for over several hours) from a tech savvy dad(who programmed 3 programs, 2 of which in world wide use involving the military).
  7. Missingno50

    CNCNet Games not displaying(OS:WINDOWS 8.1)

    I don't know what more to say. It's got no error logs, I've done everything countless times, and no matter what I do, the games will not display on the games list. Even more disappointing:my friends can't find my games when I host them. Does anyone know a fix? It's just the games list, the players list works perfectly fine. Please, reply as soon as possible :puppydog: