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  1. I am offering to create a Custom in-game sidebar for you completely for free. - Included Radar animation (with your player name/nickname, logo and number) - I will add Custom GDI and Nod loading screens regarding on your screen resolution (or I can add any of your's - send them for me in PM) - Will make Custom Score screen (or I can add any of your's - send them for me in PM) Althou I would heartfully appreaciate if you have any chance to Donate . (This donation is something I can't do at the moment myself and donation is absolutely free of choice. You can also do it when you receive your Custom skin or don't do it at all.)
  2. There are couple new maps in Popular mod folder now also Giants 2 vs 2 -with auto ally- and -rules-. Also Mr_Firestar balance maps can be added too. Hope this will help with tournament and have fun guys. ✌️
  3. Use the TSMPLauncher.exe in your folder or if all files are in .rar - extract them first.
  4. Inspired by old Conflicts 4 and popular mod Giants 8 This map contains Ally by 2 players only instead of 4 vs 4 but its an 8 player map so I hope ya'll enjoy this creativity. Road of Heroes.map
  5. Read this topic about Blue Tib trees and other Fonas and Terrain. Hopefully you get some answers.
  6. Read this topic it will apply also for Fonas and all other Terrain in TS.
  7. I finally did it! Thanks Splash for spectating.
  8. How much time does it take to make thous two besides of the dead fly (filament) in a corner?
  9. Damn they look good apart of dead fly in right corner lol
  10. Giants the Jungle Domination [Ally][Vet][Rules][10 queue] Giants the Jungle Domination [Ally][Vet][Rules][10 queue] No Mods Secure all 4 DropPod zones to load DropPods for your Team (Holland's vision for more ground battles on Giants map)
  11. __________ β€’ Christmas Special β€’ __________ Thank you so much Holland couldn't make these so quick without your sidebar images. Loading screens are tricky I would love to add them but we need more MB here to share thous files after... GDI sidec01.mix Nod sidec02.mix
  12. Check map triggers.. perhaps edit them too or make a complete new map using Warzone mod template for map.
  13. Finnaly learned to use SHP. editor and after cople of days of hard work made some new skins for Tiberian Sun They could be used on cncnet even after modifying files you will still be able to play multiplayer Download: GDI sidec01.mix - Nod sidec02.mix Put them in "...TiberianSun_Online\MIX\put_here" replace "sidec01.mix" and "sidec02.mix". Backup files before in case you change your mind to use old ones after again. Enjoy! ____________GDI____________ ___________Nod___________ Note: I found sample templates online all I had to do was photoshop for some time.
  14. http://mapdb.cncnet.org/search.php?game=ts&age=0&search=CHUBAKAH http://mapdb.cncnet.org/search.php?game=ts&age=0&search=JOJODABOO
  15. I'll try to show all steps with comments and visual examples. Also am using Final Sun Standalone editor but just classic Final Sun will works for everyone. Step 0 (not sure you need this step if you already have new Ion Storm trigger - how to create one shown below Step 1) Step 1 - Ion Storm Starts (Create Trigger - Trigger Options) Step 2 - Ion Storm Starts (Events) Step 3 - Ion Storm Starts (Actions) Step 1 - Ion Storm Ends (Create Trigger - Trigger Options) Step 2 - Ion Storm Ends (Events) Step 3 - Ion Storm Ends (Actions) This Trigger will work only once. If you want to make trigger repeat I'll have to make another tutorial for that. Thats all for this one. All known Ion Storm maps on cncnet: http://mapdb.cncnet.org/search.php?game=ts&age=0&search=ion storm Need more details sure just ask... have a grate day Sir!
  16. Yes it's obvious that you don't care I reaced your black heart.
  17. I do give a shit WeaponX you can spend you whole life playing you sportsmanship game and be well respected player.. Well beyond is players who spare his live teaching others the skills they have help others climb the ladder in matter of fact you haven't reaced that point sadly.
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