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  1. bk57

    Sahara Wars Map

    Yeah I have a question why do you have seperate name here and you use Wtf_ovo on CnCNet? I really appreciate the work you done on this map and indeed I really like it. 👍
  2. Where does ideas like ranking original TS music born from.. I don't know and still you have LIKE from me lol. I will go off topic for this only row that it's important to pay attention for background ambient. Started to work for this on my maps and mods I have released already. I will add 10 for Ion Storm: 10 (just superb, how it fits to the TS feeling; so apocalyptic, mystic and still so calm) since it's added on Swamp City introduction. Killing Machine: 2 (horrible, too much mindless boomboom) gets my lowest vote as 2 as It's really annoying to listen. Approach: 7 (fits the TS atmosphere, nice development) fits well for defense maps where waves get more intense. I'll give it 8. Thats my short list and thanks for sharing this. Peace Out ✌️
  3. Well once I use Cheat Engine, works pretty well. So... it looks like answer reamains you have to use 3rd party program I guess.
  4. Ofcourse theres a game speed ajustment. Look up in Options.. Also make sure you have patch for game so you can complete all the objectives in Campaign. 👌
  5. bk57

    Help please

    You should be glad the game doesn't crash. This is not what happens only for RA players and solution is to get your air units in groups (CTRL+1, CTRL+2 ...). If the game starts to lag by mass increase of units even grouped units (air, ground & buildings ) might not respond anymore.
  6. The reason map crash on start is a minor issue. Here I added an image for you to understand what you did wong and that is the only issue you have. Map looks great and my 1st map wasn't event close to this one you have. Here's 2 things you'll need to know in future. Don't add units already selected by specific House (THIS is the issue couses map crash at start) If you want specific units of House added in map use ''Reinforce Dogs House 1'' and ''Reinforce Commando House 2'' triggers for example for 8 Houses. From this on map will be aware that all Houses are playing and are joined the game. Don't trash this, I have a good feeling about the result you may have here.
  7. Just reviewing Skylegends Tower Defense. What a good way to start weekend playing defense map with your defense buddy's. Dragoon & Coopuhloop The End
  8. Try windows update service. There should be updates available for old xp windows. Also you may install game from online directory https://cnc-comm.com/tiberian-sun/downloads/the-game/installer Finally check for Compatiblity like ''Run as Administrator''and game resolution settings.
  9. Do we have tutorial video for Tiberian Sun? Red Alert (Gold Medal Challange) posted by UFO-piloot CNCnet
  10. MS2 welcome to the Club. Amazing gameplay!
  11. (29) [16:21] * HESBACK has joined the game lobby (Picard Arm1 Bradley...) [United Kingdom] (29) [16:21] <b5k7> hi (29) [16:21] <HESBACK> what maps this (29) [16:22] <b5k7> its a visc map (29) [16:22] <HESBACK> yawn (29) [16:22] * HESBACK suggested a map: Redemption[Ally][Vet.2.46] map://44106308dd039eb071fb8fe4ca07ea31eca8c732 (29) [16:22] <HESBACK> i just find these annoying (29) [16:22] <HESBACK> doesnt show skill just adds annoyance (29) [16:22] <HESBACK> no such thing on the real tournaments and game etc (29) [16:22] <HESBACK> made up (29) [16:23] <HESBACK> look at that map (29) [16:23] <HESBACK> if u like we play (29) [16:23] <HESBACK> if not (29) [16:23] <HESBACK> i go (29) [16:23] <b5k7> make ur mind (29) [16:23] <HESBACK> just sort of said " my mind " but clearly your a fucking spastic (29) [16:23] * HESBACK has left the game lobby
  12. <Mods> AI Siege II TD (Player 5) 'vx1.3' bkmod (Feb 2, 2020) Siege_Pro_vx_bkmod.map Siege Extended(2-3) 'v2.1' bkmod (2020) Siege_Extended_bkmod.map Siege Spiral Labyrinth | bkmod | (2019) Siege_Spyral_Labirinth_bkmod.map Siege Spiral Labyrinth | bkmod v2 | (2019) Siege_Spyral_Labirinth_bkmod_v2.map Sky's Tower Defense FS [2] [v12.4] [5 New Waves] bkmod (2019) Sky's Tower Defense FS [2] [v12.4] [5 New Waves] bkmod.map Scandinavian Defense [2-5] [easy] (2017) Scandinavian Defense [2-5] [easy].map Scandinavian Defense [2-5] [challenging] (2017) Scandinavian Defense [2-5] [challenging].map Visc Winter 8 [Credit: DeathByCC | edit: bk57] (2019) visc_winter_8 bkmod.map Unkillable AI Comp Stomp (bkmod) (2019) Unkillable_Comp_bkmod.map <Maps> Last Swamp City | Misson, Defense | bk57 (2019/2020) (https://forums.cncnet.org/topic/10320-map-for-2020/) Last Swamp City.map Wood Crate Wars (auto allie, vet.2.46) (2020) Wood Crate Wars.map :: Hide Run Conquer :: (2019) Hide Run Conquer.map Desert Tower Defense | 8 | insane | bk57 | updated (2018) Desert Tower Defense [8] [insane].map Desert Tower Defense | 8 | episode 2 | bk57 | updated (2019) Desert Tower Defense [8] [ v2 ].map BITCH 2002 (2002) BITCH 2002.map
  13. Hi mate. I think that ur brother is having problems with game patch as far as can help from CNCNet download link here: https://cnc-comm.com/tiberian-sun/downloads/the-game/installer FEATURES Compatible with 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8(.1), Windows 10 (XP 64-bit not tested) I am running my game from windows 7 x64 but really i dont think theres more help for your brother at this point. Good luck!
  14. bk57

    Tolist's Maps

    I actually enjoyed this map. Add ai to test it and must say u did good work on it. 👍
  15. I have same issue. Made completly new map with few triggers for defense and with-in 5min of game all sync lost.
  16. bk57


    Try this link for game install: https://cnc-comm.com/tiberian-sun/downloads/the-game/installer
  17. Most of them crash Online becouse ppls don't know settings. There should be available tutorial for all or specificly each of any kind.
  18. Obviously Mike's lol. As far as you won't see any battle against himselfe...
  19. There's a Players on CNCnet who can share missions in game room if you'd ask.
  20. Finally it happened! We're officially completed Desert Tower Defense ep2! These are the Players and my only screen for this time. (unfortunately) Desert Tower Defense | 8 | episode 2 | bk57 | updated - Defeated!
  21. Comment below your best defense Player, favourite map and best experience. It unfair to call someone best player especially when you play one of your own maps. This guy is good on any defense map I play with him and I'd like to start this topic with ViscOwner. (added few screen's to look at Desert Tower Defense | 8 | insane | bk57 | updated map and final gameplay) ViscOwner bk57 Desert Tower Defense | 8 | insane | bk57 | updated - Defeated!
  22. November 11th. In Latvia we selebrate this day as ''Bear Claw'' day as far as Google translate this event from my native language. Every year peoples gather up near local embankment with torch in a hand and celebrate it with music, local meal and massive fireworks... and so did I all these years. But this year was rough for me and am not going to start with bad things. Instead of that here was more good in this year that made it special for me. I'm going to talk about TS. I left last year making my 1st Defense map ever and it was incredible for me. I still love it but than Haloween was closing and am not a kid anymore so I started to think of what could I do this this year... So here it is - 1st look of my biggest minecraft so far and ever. It's based on missions wich includes my favourite maps from campaign and ofcourse my own build city (inspired by new terrain trees). There are bad news ofcourse. Map isn't finished. So far I have managed to spend a lot time making it accessible for 2 missions from 5 or 6 I have planned on this map and the whole city in not completed with traffic and pedestrians. You sure know the title say ''Map for 2020'' and still there's a question why am I putting this here right now and not becouse I want you to know. I need your help to test it! This map includes from 1 to 8 players... Thanks to Holland you can make these GIF images using GIFCam and it's FREE! (http://blog.bahraniapps.com/gifcam/) Also check out his mass work Holland did making all units and trees accessible for you to download and add to your own map very simple! Thanks bro! <And here are couple Gif's for You to check> Mission 1: Secure GDI's Radar. (from GDI Mission 1A - Reinforce Phoenix Base) Save Engineer to help you reapair the bridge. (optional) (from Firestorm - NOD Mission 2 - Seeds of Destruction) Discover *secret location to receive MCV. (optional) Misson 2: Destroy GDI's latest SuperWeapon (from Nod Mission 10A - Destroy Mammoth Mk.II Prototype) (Playing as b5k7 on CNCNet)
  23. Recently I played my last year Tower Defense map. (/map 0d3eeb1ead98b2dbd4719da5d64e8c7fdb2c4a63) The reason I'm making this post is the TS players are amazing and never end surprise me! Yesterday (22, October 2019) I met some solid Defense players I never saw before here on CNCNet. Sure its not possible to know everyone who is playing online but lets cut the BullSh*t here. 💃 Here is my 1st post on Forum how I started of making the map and the final release: Moving on.. you wonder how the maps looks in its action if you haven't played it so far. I must say I was always curious how will it works with multiple players. The answer I got yesterday with these amazing builders looks like this... (Thank you: Telie2, ZX4, malmi, AI for 2hours full of lag and amazing gameplay) I'll see you in Desert Tower Defense | 8 | episode 2 | bk57.
  24. bk57

    CNCNet bug?

    ! Bug Solved ! ( Settings > CNCNet > Join(sound) )
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