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  1. 20$ for who can do it with a proof the next 2 hours
  2. There is a glitch (or whatever it is called) in the map Hidden Valley II, units stuck when trying to move them from spot 3 to the gem field near spot 4.
  3. Can be set to be unable to use buildings capture once inside? I mean Boris can't call airstrike when inside IFV, after all surfing the water is quite enough for that unit.
  4. At least now no one is kicking me for using Yuri, I want to play that faction damn it!
  5. I did tried the balance patch, tbh it's not bad, it will force Yuri players to be more active, also keep in mind that Gatling trucks are now stronger faster, Viruses have netter range and Lashers build time reduced. It can be better ofc, but I just wish that Gatling trucks can carry an infantry unit, just like in the mod maps by @FlyingMustache
  6. Just put a limit for ranked games that can be played daily, just like in XWIS.
  7. Pretty sure you can notify the community about such huge change, like the notification in the client opening when Zigga passed. I know you were working on mod maps that comes with edited units, pretty sure that's what you call 'balancing' . @Grant can you join us in this discussion plz? PS: Lybia/Germany/Russia also crap factions that are barely used in QM, are you going to do something about them?
  8. Oh boy plz don't ruin the Yuri faction because you noticed after like 15 years that it's hard for you to beat. Anyway this topic is about someone got accused of cheating right? If someone found the Yuri faction OP go watch some of Seke/Tim/Marko videos and learn how to counter it properly. At least make a poll and ask for the community thoughts before applying any change.
  9. Did you guys did a simple test after adding this 'graphical change'? yes this made the crates collection different, you need to click below it, sometimes it works fine but in most of cases it's not even on the same map.
  10. You guys love to play with the renderers right? Anyway, only the DDRAWCompat works for me, and for my surprise it allows Shadowplay recording. BTW the "Ships Killed" count in QM seems to not be working.
  11. Most sov players lose this advantage because they're not fast enough to deploy buildings/mcv, also all this calcul may be useless if you have to cancel 10 tanks to make a flack truck 🙄
  12. Depends on the quality and the length of your videos, also on how much editing you're going to make and the software you're going to use to record/edit (yes you will end by editing your vids no matter you like it or no). For such config I don't think you can go above 720p30fps, also keep in mind that a mobile GTX 950 is such a joke GPU, and a 2.6 GHz mCPU (i3?) is barely enough to play games. Go with desktop I would say, you can get a better specs for a lower price.
  13. Nah it is even worst, anyway I fixed it, you need to set the game resolution the same as the desktop, then using BC use Around mouse recording and set custom resolution to the chosen one.
  14. Double click on the unit when using Final Alert then set veterancy to 999, btw what do you use to record games? :)
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