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  1. Stoneman

    I am tired of this life

    Indeed. Excellent set of matches in the finals.
  2. Stoneman

    Buying a new copy of Yuris

    Nope. Will google it.
  3. Stoneman

    Buying a new copy of Yuris

    Quick question guys. It seems that the XWIS download is no longer working so I need to buy a new copy of the game. If I go for the Ultimate collection, will I just receive a download code which I can instantly then download and play. Or will it deliver the actual code to me via the postal service?
  4. Stoneman

    How to lower the laming in QM?

    Prep: The game is essentially lame friendly which makes it boring for most decent players, hence why on XWIS there developed a type of honour code (On Red Alert the engineer only took away about half of a buildings HP). If an honour code is not implemented here then the QM will always be a lame fest with only hardcore lamer's partaking (and the occasional Pro that is addicted to the game and will tolerate the lames regardless).
  5. Stoneman

    How to lower the laming in QM?

    Did you not have a clan which encouraged "creative tactics", i.e. engi related crap? I also recall back in the XWIS days you being voted the biggest lamer! Therein lies the problem with obscuring a player's name.
  6. Stoneman

    A top player's YouTube channel

    Some very good matches in this. Poor Andy getting owned. Funny to see this considering he is the best player ever. Thanks for the pointer.
  7. Stoneman

    Champions of Yuris Revenge 2v2 Tournament

    Max and Matt look very strong. Nice commentary also. Thanks for the uploads.
  8. Stoneman

    Let's get some Ladder Talk Going

    If you could just create a ranked match in the fashion of XWIS, every game could be established however the players see fit, i.e. no Yuri, their maps, no engi lames etc. Without that, then I can't ever see the ladder taking off here.
  9. Stoneman

    Andy pushing with "Zen"

    It is telling that Andy keeps ignoring Matt's request for a best of five series on stream.
  10. Stoneman

    Who is the best player ever?

    Well Tomi dominated when there were, quite literally, 100,000s, playing the game. Nowadays we a looking at about 20 people playing the ladder. LOL!
  11. Stoneman

    Who is the best player ever?

    You can watch Sunny cheating against Marko: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jvvc4IkD0o0
  12. Now we have Andy trashing Tomi's record. Laughable. You beat him in one series. Well done. That guy was rank 1 when some serious players played this game. Your rank 1 in 2018, please!
  13. Stoneman

    Clan ladder

    Essentially, what Ravage is saying is that it comes down to money. if the RA2 community ponies up the cash, it can be done. What amount are we talking about?
  14. It is a real non-sequitur to suggest a noob Yuri player can simply take rank 1 because of its OP status. Essentially, the point about Yuri is that in a scenario with players of equal skill, the Yuri player has an enormous advantage. I think after nearly 20 years, there is nothing controversial in that assessment.
  15. Stoneman

    Clan ladder

    If the RA2 community desires a clan ladder then we are going to have to pony up the cash to get a developer to set it up. I would be happy to contribute to such a fund if one were started.