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  1. C0rp's has nothing credible to say against Vet just getting angry at players for calling him out, maybe you did teach me back in the day when I was a young teenager first coming online. But guess what, now i'm one of the best and understand this game better than you. So don't pipe up to me i'll smoke you 20x in front of 6 specs repeatedly. Hurry up and go back to Xwis then. Sick of seeing you on Cncnet if you're going to bitch about it, go on then use the other server.
  2. My view on this subject was stated earlier WestWood co left TS in an incomplete state; unit's were not coded properly for their intended design or purpose and had to be tweaked slightly to become effective to even see online pvp play (some units that were already OP or balanced were not even touched) in the Veterinary patch. I spent countless hours/days with Humble testing and balancing units for their intended purpose making sure we could have a completed (balanced) online TS registry that could be geared towards an online ladder system in doing so also patching out any bugs or glitches left by our westwood counterparts in the maps. ETC glitching out of TL terrace, pad glitch etc. these are a few simple bugs that WW left us in online play that goes to show that TS was released early it lingers with beta prototype early release stench and thus it was taken upon some very patient and talented individuals etc Humble, Dan, Funky and many others (Skylegend) to come together & produce TS gold by releasing a balanced TS clan ladder, with said maps included. I can't appreciate myself how many hours these people put into the game and for some individuals to meaninglessly put down the efforts and hard work of many people because they believe they weren't involved in the process or informed enough (when there is a whole registry of the unit values on TS) + discord a track record of Veterinary patches. You know it's see nothing but negative attitudes from people who have nothing to offer themselves to the game. I think you should take the time to thank these people for keeping TS alive, the game you grew up with & love so please stop dividing the TS community and just get good on VET. I own top players on either mode vet or non vet i literally see no difference at all, thanks to the people keeping TS going shout out to my boy ya dig.. If you don't like VET & fps/bug fixes go back to XWIS!!!!
  3. Pseudo intellect? Don't even pretend like you know anything about me...ever. Got it? ROFL! Rage dork
  4. This is a tremendous idea and it would make game play much more interesting with giving an advantage for superior micro skills!
  5. just interested what VPN you use ?
  6. Greetings, as one of the main culprit's for kicking lesser players from my game due to lack of experience or connection issues I have reflected upon my actions and realized this is not a sustainable practice for the future of Tiberian Sun, as the base of experienced players rapidly decays I am left wondering what will become if this beloved game. So as of now feel free to message my loggin - CaRNaGe online and I will run you through the basics of WW and Terraces to enable you to compete on a basic level and develop your skills as a Tiberian Sun player. If you have been kicked or banned in the past I apologize and promise to at least give you a basic run down of the fundamentals of this game so you can hit the battle field! Peace hopefully see you online so we can expand this community!
  7. omg noooooo! madwolf definition: A wolf that is mad some say he is the maddest wolf ever
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