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  1. amazing thx.. oh there's not a lot there, for ra
  2. steeLbeed

    RA1 Windowed Mode

    Is there a way to change the size of the window? I can't change it like I would a normal window.
  3. steeLbeed

    video options help

    I have to reinstall cncnet every time I restart computer. if I don't after restart, with my current cncnet options, when the game loads in skirm or online, it will auto flash back to my desktop. The only way I can fix that is to uncheck "stretch to custom res 640x480." but if I do that, then the mouse "floats" at warp speed. the only way ive been able to get it to correct is to delete cncnet folder, restart, then reinstall. Any thoughts about cncnet video options, or maybe video card/display options? I feel like ive tried every combination /variation to just play 640x480 with a normal mouse feel. Thanks.. maybe it's easier to back/forth through email with screenshots?
  4. W is always war factories, r is always battleground or where I want tanks to go, space is always where I’m building.. my brain is too small to change it around depending on position..
  5. U still giving out medals? I’d like to b in the cool club =P
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