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  1. hey guys, im also looking for any of my old maps.. "here to stay", "got the life" and "long corridor" also any maps by a good friend of mine "Sukio Girl" (think i spelled that right) made a map called "Corpse Time"any help would be greatly appreciated! i lost everything some years back due to hard drive failure
  2. call me green, but where is the "TiberianSun_Online" folder located? i did a search on my whole PC for it but it never found it 😕
  3. updates on this? got the same issue. can see my friend in the LAN lobby but no matter what or whoever makes a game it never shows up in the left side. note, firewall is turned off on both machines as we are not connected to an outside internet connection at the time of playing. (we are on holiday in a tent in a field with electric hookup. camping lan party haha.) anyway to directly connect to an IP address?
  4. Hey guys, i know this is a little old but i am very interested in this fix. can the download link be fixed please? i really miss the whole soundtrack from TS.
  5. As a lover of this game, it really bugs me that all the music is not included... does anyone have a way of adding the music?
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