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  1. Theres some serious heresy going on from some of the ra2 players. I have played CnC since the early days, and i was heavily invested in ra2 myself and is my favorite game of alltime maybe, but any real and oldschool CnC fan will recognize ra1 as an equal to ra2. Many old ra2 veterans play either ra1 or TibSun only, to this day. I think EA recognizes how huge these games are,, they cant risk messing this up. If it was up to me, i would have them remaster CnC TD and Ra1 with the ra2/Yuris revenge engine but just a bit more clean and updated, so it has that Classic CnC feel to it. And the fact they have Joe and Frank in on this, i cant help but be excited. Im casually optimistic.
  2. Greetings Brothers I just came back on ra2/Yuri after 10 years. I played 4-5 games. Then i join this new lobby and i message pops up that i didnt pay much attention to and i was kicked out of the game. Now since i rejoined the Yuris revenge lobby, i can see everything but any game lobbies, and it says -1 people online on Yuris revenge. Can anyone please tell me how i can fix this, what the issue is? Thank you in advance. Also heres a screenshot of the Whole lobby.
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