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  1. Hey! When I click on ranked match in lobby I get error message which says "The program cncnetQM.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close. Windebug_what_happened_message". Haven't played for about 4 months, but when I played before it worked fine. I did have to reset my Mac to high Sierra before starting to play again cause cncnet don't work on newest Mac update if this matters, but I used high Sierra before when it worked also so dunno. Normal gameplay from lobby works fine tho :) McLovin
  2. McLovin

    Clan Ladder

    Great idea bro! Would be awesome if something like this was available. I don't either have any idea how much work it would take to get it going tho:P hehe.
  3. I do have a different problem tho, its not affecting the game so doesn't really matter, but would be awesome if someone knew a quick way to fix it. I can't paste stuff in lobby or game room, like youtube links and stuff, when click paste nothing appears. Dunno if this is a Mac problem, but I suspect it is since the only other player who I have heard has the same problem also uses Mac. It does work in private messages tho. Any ideas about this?
  4. For me the cursor sticking to corners/sides happened 100% of the time when I updated to Mojave, but it only happened when pushing cursor towards right/bottom sides or right side corners. (Maybe this is what he means with it not always happening). It felt kinda like the screen didn't fit with the game even if the game was on fullscreen so the cursor could move just slightly further out on these sides then where it was supposed to stop making it wander/sticking there. Could still move it back but it was harder then usually, like you had to pull a bit extra to get it off the side. But as I said, this now works like normal if revert to high Sierra. The invisible cursor doesn't happen much anymore for me, but the random crashes happens quite frequently; that the game crashes and it shows a grey message on screen saying that the game crashed. When can't move cursor in the blue meny in game I have found that the keyboard arrows still work so you can move with them and abort/resigne with enter key, but you can't see where you click so after pressing esc to get in the blue menu just gotta count how many times you need to press down on keyboard to get to abort then press enter.
  5. I had the problem that Heraclitus talks about when I updated to Mojave. I don't know much about computer stuff, but it seemed like the game resolution wasn't compatible with the Mojave update, when I played on 640x400 it was like the mouse didn't stop at the right and bottom sides so when touching these sides with the cursor the mouse would kind of get "stuck" to the sides and keep wandering. I tried a bunch of things, I found that it worked better with resolution 640x480, since it had black bars on the sides it was normal when moving cursor to right side. I didn't figure out how to completely fix it though so in the end I ended up just reverting to High Sierra which works perfectly like it used to.
  6. About Robskate: We played a ladder series just before all this started where one game disconnected and the ladder website awarded him the points. Without me saying anything he immediately told me he would have the game removed because he didn’t want undeserved wins. About Commander: I have always liked Commander and was very disappointed to learn that he is infact all these randomly named users that has been disconnecting when losing on ladder. I was very frustrated when playing against stink and tokaja, the games they won I said gg and resigned, but when I was winning they disconnected and the games didn’t even show up on ladder website. All you need to do to confirm these users are him is compare the games he has uploaded on youtube to the stats of those same games on the ladder website and you can easily see the usernames he has played these games under. The ones I have checked out has matched him to stink and tokaja and I have also had others tell me they have matched him to more usernames that has done the same against them. The fact that he is trying to deny this tells me all I need to know really. I do not hold grudges Commander, anyone can make mistakes, and I hope that when you come back you will stop this and and we can have good games instead About the ladder: As you can see I have played more ladder then anyone this month, I tried ladder a couple times before, but could never get a single game despite waiting for hours. This month it seems many players has taken affection to the fantastic features the ladder offers and there always seems to be games which is great. For us who want to improve on 1v1 games, learn new maps and compete against top players the ladder is fantastic and it offers a different challenge from «regular» team games. - McLovin
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