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  1. hello! Jezebel, bright_hawkins , cac32, I have been researching Red Alert 2 / Yuri's Revenge (AI) for more than 15 years and found that a bug in PadAircraft has not been solved (Skirmish mode): for example, [TaskForces] 0=4, A-10 (fighter) [ScriptTypes] 0=0,3 1=0,6 2=49,0 3=0,7 4=0, 2 5=0,1 At this time, more (more than 300 fighters) fighters (8House) appeared in the game map, human players + 4AI (House) vs 3AI (House), when the game played 3AI (House) opponents only 1AI left (House), this fighter is prone to jumping all the time and cannot take off normally, If this time to destroy the airport, the game overflows. If this [TaskForces] group has 0=1, A-10 (fighter), this time to destroy the airport, the game will not overflow, you can continue to play. Please forgive me, the English of a Chinese.
  2. Hi,I use this version (TS-DDraw.dll V1.1.4.14) to feel better, but in the Skirmish battle mode map preview effect color distortion than this old version (TS-DDraw.dll V1.1.3.3), Sometimes the menu disappears when you store the game. I don't know if I can improve it? Thank you!
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