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  1. theyre unwilling to fix unit behavior bugs but are perfectly fine with bastardizing all of the official maps. im glad the game is already dead regardless of the 50 players still on it. all they did was make giant tiberium blobs all over the maps or add train tracks surrounding unkillable weed fields. they are really dumb.
  2. Is there anyway I can have the mod files for the improved unit behavior that was removed? I want to add it to a mod.
  3. play a few more. once you get to a certain level you play up against people that are all higher level than you aka challenge matches and lose the majority of matches unless you pay money your progress slows to a halt since you cant win the majority of matches. also, once you realize how imbalanced the game is and that youve just been stomping newbs the first 100 matches youlll realize its a joke and stop playing if you have any self respect.
  4. I dont know I think Tiberian Sun was held back when they reverted FIXED GLOBAL unit behavior to make mammy carryall droppers happy. And no adding giant blobs of tiberium on official maps and unlimited weed surrounded by a halfassed train track so nod can spam nonstop chemicals is not a improvement.
  5. a gambling addict vs a alcoholic arguing over who is better at life and a bastardized video game where the people in charge dont even like the official maps. yall dumb.
  6. is the vet mod map of forest fires the one with the unlimited unkillable weed at every spawn point? lol. honestly part of what made tiberian sun was the fact that the maps werent balanced. they are supposed to look organic and natural not symmetrical. kinda stupid to have giant tiberium field blobs all equally spaced around the map. yall killing tibsun.
  7. should just get rid of the quickmatch system and make it so you can host tourney matches.
  8. i lol'd when i saw pentagram on that list. im the only person who has played that map since the game came out. and its a badass map. most of the firestorm maps are symmetrical unlike the original tibsun maps that are more organic and not the most fair and balanced but that doesnt matter. all maps should be in the pool except maybe the biggest maps made for 8 people. that can probably lead to hour long matches. you know what? put all the maps in and quit fucking around.
  9. theres 50 people online the ladder is pointless lol.
  10. I was surprised when i saw near 1,000 people online only to be disappointed that its a majority of Mental Omega and Yuri's Revenge players. I mean its the most modern C&C games on cncnet so I guess its not surprising but still kinda sad the older games are so much deader.
  11. Ive said a few times that Tiberian Sun runs very poorly for me. Red Alert 1 and Red Alert 2 perform very well on my computer. Funky said the renderers should perform the same since some of them are interchangeable with RA1 etc. But when I play Tiberian Sun it has notiable performance problems in comparison to RA1 and RA2. When I scroll around the map there's noticeable screen tearing and stutter. Doesn't happen with RA1 and RA2. some renderers work slightly better than others but its still noticeably worse on Tiberian Sun. With that said tho Tiberian Sun has slipped too far these days. Too much effort to get a good game going so I'm not going to play anymore. You let it die too much. when cncnet first got tiberian sun it brought it back to life. it was dead on xwis. but now it has sank too far down yet again and is too much work and effort to enjoy. i play other games now. lol.
  12. Not crying. Just pointing out why I don't play so they know. Now go back to your tank spam game since you don't even like Tiberian Sun I don't know why you're in this section besides trying to stir up drama towards other users like a few of your past posts. No wonder you go around calling people trolls.
  13. I think Red Alert 1 is morbidly outdated and tedious to play and i think red alert 2 has garbage unit spam strategies but you know what? they have a lot of players. I think Tiberian Sun is the only game that is fun and tactical but it is much deader than those two other games. What I personally think should happen is everyone should be forced to register an account and all matches should be recorded as a tourney match. This would make matches have value to people since it would matter. People would then be able to reference a match brag about winning, etc. but cncnet is dedicated to making the games as easy to play as possible and that means not needing to register an account and as nice as that is i think its the primary reason Tiberian Sun players don't play tournies. It takes too much effort to register an account just to sit there in a dead game room. quite frankly theres 50 people playing at most only 1 or 2 dummies are gonna use the account feature at that point in a feeble attempt to have a tourney match that no one in their right mind would care about. Some people care about tournaments, some people care about mod maps, some people care about just having fun. at this point the tourney people are screwed and should have moved on to other games a long time ago. tiberian sun these days is for nostalgia more than anything else not a serious community. cncnet turned out to be just as stubborn as xwis when it comes to having a deadset way about handling these games and its sad that the best you can hope for is yet another server to pop up that fixes Tiberian Sun's bugs, updates it, and provides a accessible tournament feature. cncnet refuses to do all of this. Sad but true. Just move on if you dont like the way cncnet currently is. thats what i did. havent played in at least a few months. besides once or twice cause someone told me to play them.
  14. the majority of the graphics for the menu and loading screens are just images positioned on top of each other. the game doesnt stretch those images. it has a few different resolution sizes for some of the loading screens but obviously they didnt plan for modern resolutions. it may be possible to replace those images with custom made graphics that are higher resolution. but yes its possible. open the menu files with xcc mixer. extract the images. stretch them or replace them with higher resolution images. theyre basically just centered wallpaper images told not to stretch to screen because that would screw up the rest of the graphics on the screen that also do not scale. heres some higher res loading screens for you lol
  15. They have more armor and firepower so yes they are the best...
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