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  1. What resolution is the first picture? 2560 x 1440? It looks quite small but you have a better view at the map what is an advantage.
  2. Hello, like others before i created my youtube channel to upload entertaining games i played. Link: Ben CnC Yuri's Revenge Regards Ben
  3. > What you write here is inconsistent. I marked the parts so that even you can recognise. -> I did not lose the game at all. I was about taking the second island and you both failed in stopping me. -> You should not start insulting me. As an Ladder Tester with an excellent reputation you should know better. I would like to play vs you. Best of nine. Quick Match rules.
  4. @Ra2Nub Then don't post pics like u did. For me it stays an manipulated pic. That you start insulting me now is just a poor behaviour. Learn to play fair and don't go 2V1 in an FFA game if u are not able to win.
  5. Hello, iam NVA and yes i said that. BUT i did not do it. I play this game many years and iam also active in QM and i never made an Recon Error ever!! I dont even know how to do it tbh. I said that cause you started playing 2v1 when you realized there was no other way to win. I also have recorded the game for my youtube channel. For that i recorded my screen so u can see what i did in game and most important you can see that it was not me who made the Recon Error. I will add the screen shots here with the sconds before the Recon Error. It will take a bit cause the game is very big 6GB. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yTHOUo0aUec The only thing the game shows is that you are not a fair player at all RA2NUB. Sorry to say that. PS: I just saw that you manipulted ? the second screen shot. Wow, dude if that is true! The Recon Error screen did NOT appear the moment after i said i will do an Recon Error. Click on the youtube link and you see the video which proofs it.
  6. as a get no feedback of the staff i withdraw my offer. too bad!
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