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  1. I got tired of being swamped by enemies on the last USA campaign mission, so I tried something. I hid my con-yard and proceeded to level up my Abrams that are provided. I ended up never using my con-yard and beat the mission in 13min with just the Abrams. Since you don't deploy the con-yard the enemy never triggers the endless annoying hordes of doom. Obviously this is an exploit, but it's well deserved because that mission sucks and needs to be rebalanced. WAY too many enemy attacks WAY too often.
  2. I installed the Origin C&C Generals version of Yuri's Revenge, then I installed Purple Alert. The Purple Alert launcher loads fine, but when I click "Launch Purple Alert" the C&C Generals "Ra2 or YR" launcher pops up. When I click YR it just loads the Vanilla YR. Is there any way to bypass something so that I can play Purple Alert? I played it years ago when I had the non C&C Generals version and it was the best mod ever!
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