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CnCNet 3.1 released!


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It is time for a new era of no port forwarding!


CnCNet 3.1 is now officially live with new dedicated server in Finland. If resources allow, we will add a secondary server in North America to speed up games played on that side of the world.


If you have slowdown problems with the dedicated because of your distance, try playing with direct ip or the legacy 3.0 option (currently offline) in cncnet.exe Settings. These games are "off CnCNet" so you'll be on your own and need a friend to play with.


Please upgrade ASAP and stop using the old 3.0. I will shut it down for a while to show an error message so people will understand to upgrade. The player counter will come back after some server side rewrites.


The whole change log from 3.0 to 3.1 is below.




3.0d -> 3.1

* Settings redesigned (cncnet.exe)

* Support for dedicated server, it is the new default (cncnet.exe)

* Support for direct ip 1on1 games off CnCNet (cncnet.exe)

* Support for custom command line arguments, defaults to "-LAN", can be used

  with ra95-hires to pass the width and height (cncnet.exe)

* Pass the URL in an env var to be compatible with ra95-hires (cncnet.exe)

* Remove cncnet-tester.exe from the release package to avoid confusion

* Reformatted this file to fit in reasonable sized Notepad ;) (README.txt)


3.0c -> 3.0d

* Fix a massive C&C bug that caused a crash when you select the maximum

  numbers of unit at once (cncnet.dll / thipx32.dll)


3.0b -> 3.0c

* Fix C&C support, totally forgot, sorry all (cncnet.dll / thipx32.dll)


3.0a -> 3.0b

* Add support for dedicated server to cncnet.dll, launching trough browser for

  now (cncnet.dll / wsock32.dll / thipx32.dll)


3.0 -> 3.0a

* Update cncnet.exe to use SUN.EXE for TS and RA2.EXE for RA2 instead of

  GAME.EXE for both as they don't always work (cncnet.exe)

* Add cncnet-tester.exe to test port forwading (cncnet-tester.exe)

* Fix this files line endings so they work in Notepad (README.txt)

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Hehe, don't worry, I think I can settle down with this one for now. There is a minor "issue" that you can't run multiple games at one on the same PC connected to the dedicated server but who would want THAT? ;)

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