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Make fixes to the entire game

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"You get cash back or you can keep for hunterseeaker".

Lmao that´s just idiotic, you get cash back for Service depod as well fairly same amount as a TON2, if not you can repair your MK and all units any time. No one keeps a temple in a pro game, it takes to much power consumption and is basically useless since you cant target it. 


Yes you get an hijacker, but you still have to build an TON2, and that´s  besides the point. (Gdi gets a ghost stalker so its balanced out)

You can make an MK much faster then an CC, and use it to attack faster, but that´s also not the point.

The Point is a CC misses to many shots on  titan which is Qéd, and it does not matter which direction you walk to the Titan, if its a skilled GDi player he will Q and kill your CC, due to the miss.

CC should simple miss less, for the time you spend to build it, AKA:  Tech, Ton2 and Price overall together. (even by selling ton2)

MK just Tech and  start building and make service depot (which you also get money back for).



** Missing the mark 3/4 shots because the titan is Qéd and sometime 4/5, is not "sometimes". A high level unit like a CC should not even miss, does the MK miss?


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nod is fine. as one of the 3 people that play it. i say its fine. me and mola agree on most not this. few changes maybe. but its good

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