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Hilton Head Island, S.C (2-4)


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Stuck at work? To broke to go on vacation? Need some CNC relief? I've got a great American travel spot for download to sooth your spirit. This map is modeled off of the beautiful Hilton Head Island in South Carolina. Pulled the island lay out for scale references. I hope you enjoy!403543750_hilton_head_island(2-4)byosmagnus.thumb.png.86047131485c464303159f2da3b730c0.png

hilton_head_island (2-4) by osmagnus.yrm

Edited by xXOsMagnusXx
edited starting locations on rendered map
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Looks good!!

Aesthetics : A.

Tech buildings are unfair (north-east is easy to capture, north west hard to carpture). I like that you didn't place buildings like spysat or nuclear reactor this time.


Some questions :

- are the ressources balanced?

- why only 2 players have access to the upper road/island with gems?

- do these very near buildings work when garrissoned?



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