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Make a poll to get community opinion on whether or not login history should be viewable to non moderator/admins.

The only issue I have with this is not being able to identify laggers.

So let’s have a secondary poll to tag a yellow flag next to players whom don’t have an average FPS of 50+

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6 hours ago, Humble said:

I like it the way it is because it prevents people from acting like retards without consequences of people knowing its you.

Thanks for acknowledging my post.

Its weird not having to register usernames. I feel like a simple verification process is pretty standard and reasonable. I don’t like anyone being able to log in under any username including names that have reputations.

A system of identifying players is still a good idea. But I really don’t think it means much because the community is too small to have the luxury of picking/choosing players based on their personalities.

I feel like people should have the option to log on anonymously if they want to. Doesn’t mean we have to respect them for it but sometimes it’s fun to come in and smash ppl on mystery logins. And a lot of the reputable pros often are auto banned from 1v1 or lower level player games. Gotta name hide if I want to play people like ender or axel.

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Honestly, if the majority of TS players started name hiding and changed their personalities to try and fool me it would be a massive improvement to the game.



Corpsmakr: “hi, I’m terraflare, nice to meet you all, I used to play this game when it first came out, it looks like you’ve all done a lot of work to improve things for the better. Here let me get on discord so we can voice chat! Are there any suggestions you could give me to optimize my computers performance for the game so that we can all enjoy higher/consistent FPS?”

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This really isn't an issue either way is it? 

I'm easy like Sunday morning

Black will get his ass kicked, name hiding or not... it's very easy to tell that its him when hiding too..  so yeah whatevz man.

I can see why people might wanna namehide. 

It helps to see history though when people can use another players login like Holland and trulaggerz more recently.. Trz ended up with tiger and c0rps Logs rofl confuses shit for a moment until you check... 

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1) If someone uses fake noob name, its a rule braking (he tries to get bonus with it = cheating) and he loses the game instantly. If his opponent is a REAL newbie tho, he doesnt lose (because the noob doesnt suspect him to play a certain way, so it doesnt give a bonus), but its bad etiquette.

2) The current system is good. Let the players use the names, they want. And identification sounds so much like a sowjet police state, we dont need that. 

3) Black: Whoever faces you, gets butchered. Very, very rare exceptions :D.

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