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  1. whoever wins hit me up on discord. I won’t be returning to this site or in game. I’ll check the ladder at the end of March but I probably won’t know who is who based on multi username system. lost motivation to promote or excite when my posts took more than 2 full days to show up. good luck to the players who want to compete for it. God bless the red alert community.
  2. It’s unlikely that corpsmakr will accept the prize or give a shipping address therefore you can pretty much count him out regardless of his ranking.
  3. I never said that she asked or made me do anything. Neither of us is subordinate to the other in any way.
  4. Greetings TS community After a long discussion with my wife about our relationship and my free time being used frivolously with anti social and low drive activities I’ve decided to force myself to give up gaming for the foreseeable future. In light of this I am donating my gaming rig (approx. $1000 value with a fresh SSD) as a prize for the winner of March 2020 quick match tournament. It will go to either the #1 position or the highest ranked player that isn’t to sketchy to give me their address. Good luck and have fun.
  5. Must have been stressful having pinball2k and games0n for team mates. I feel for you.
  6. Mike, having a mini nap is very useful which is why pre-cncnet the most common cheat was one that allowed you to have a mini map without a radar. The reason it’s sold in high level game play is because it gives you money that you need to invest elsewhere and buying it again later on is an investment that could be made into offense/defense. Furthermore, it’s a crutch that arguably reduces your awareness skills if you are depending on it. Personlly, I tend to rebuild my radar as I expand to middle if I’m ahead because when my opponent is in desperation mode they might start to depend on sneaky attacks similar to the scenario you mentioned. But I would only consider building it if my lead was significant and I did a poor job scouting for some reason. Practice your scouting and development of your map awareness skills so that nothing the radar gives you is relevant. And invest that money towards your unit production. It’s much more likely that Nate lost out of being rusty than not having a radar.
  7. Although I don’t want to speak as if I have credible inside information to the developers minds when I don’t u like some people. I think it’s safe to say they didn’t intend to make artilary be a 1 stop solution for all of nods problems. Just because it’s nit effective in every defensive scenario doesn’t mean it’s flawed. Also, I don’t understand how corps/moles win loss ratio is relevant to this discussion. You said Mola doesn’t use Artillery and I pointed out that his games never last long enough for them to become useful. However, if you watch the few games he has posted that last beyond his main tib patch you will recognize multiple opportunities where artilary would have been a game changer if he decided to use them. Artillery is a supplement to defense. A back line unit that requires fodder. In combination with which it is very powerful. On firestorm they are still useful for base walking fights. For example when you are middle fighting on terraces artilary and juggernauts do heavy damage to enemy structures and can be the only way to pick off tower defense once the money starts running out.
  8. What would be the point if the unit even existing if it didn’t out range other units? It’s also extremely vulnerable to fodder and can’t hit units that are too close to it.
  9. @X3M That post is just an opinion of a low tier player. Which doesn’t include any details or sources of these “miscalculations”. There are many applications for artillery even in early game. Especially if you have a starting position that has a bottle beck entrance or cliff surroundings. Think being TL on terraces with enemy units moving between your cliff entrances. @Hungry MikeMola is not a good long game or defensive player(notice that less than 1% of his games last longer than 5-10 minutes) His play style depends on extreme aggression and pressure. Players like corpsmakr utilize them and they were much more common on old servers where the game speed wasn’t so fast. Furthermore, your reference point is limited only to terrace which is a fully open map. On large maps like river runs and forest fires artilary are extremely effective. As well as bottle necked maps like Grand Canyon and crater. GDIs mobile mechs will always have advantage on open map and nods OP stationary defense will always have advantage on larger/closed off maps that force bottle necks or cliff pathing. mola doesn’t and ever did play FS. On FS artilary/juggernauts do not hit moving targets. Which made them useless for unit defense. Artillery are equally as useful/useless as the GDI hover MRLS which has applications under the same scenarios. MRLS are trash on open maps but extremely effective on large/bottle neck maps where air units take over as the primary attack method.
  10. So in other words, you have nothing except confirmation bias at best. reported for abusive trolling, instigation, and negativity towards a game you have a personal problem with. You’ve had this same attitude, intent, and vitriol in every interaction I’ve ever had with you. You have no right or authority to make any claims towards any matter of this game. Just because you don’t like something doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with it or that it wasn’t made exactly as intended. Your trolling and hate is unhelpful and unwelcome in our community.
  11. bk57, you are the all time goat of tower defense. Congratulations!
  12. Please provide your source for all the information you have on the development of the artillery unit. You are using language that suggests that what your saying is backed up by authority and not just your personal opinion. Im not making an assumption. I’ve never seen you make a single post in this section of the site that wasn’t hostile or condescending. Maybe that’s just the baseline of your personality and you don’t recognize it. But to those who don’t know you it comes across as disdainful.
  13. “Maybe I can say something outlandish, baseless, and asinine to bait him into getting himself banned again since I can get away with whatever I want and the staff doesn’t care about him at all.. all i have to do is call him toxic in every response with nothing to back it up and he will make a response crushing me with logic and substance, my friend mods will ignore my baseless insults/instigations and ban him for winning an argument and making me feel bad.”
  14. We get it, you hate TS
  15. Black

    harv bombs

    Mola, is there really any point in arguing about something in which nothing is ever going to be done about? Harvester bombs will never be nerfed so just be happy that you can get away with a cheap tactic that doesn’t require a 3rd party program like your old school cheap tactics. Just because it’s legal doesn’t make it right. It’s something that definitely would have been updated in a balance patch if the game had continued to be supported. But since that is merely logical speculation and totally never seeing the light of day. Just have your opinion that 99% of players disagree with.
  16. Black

    harv bombs

    Because they’re very difficult or impossible to counter early game and it’s over powered to be able to destroy a war/ref with a single harvester. 1% reduction in damage so it doesn’t full kill ref war makes way more sense. Its also a cheap and annoying tactic in general.
  17. The artillery were just adjusted to not hit moving targets, same as the GDI juggernaut. I’d say it’s more balanced tbh because NOD had a unstoppable range advantage on larger maps. GDI got an artilary (juggernaut) NOD got a titan (cyborg reaper) But no, no one ever embraced firestorm at any point in the games history.
  18. Going for the Gold in Feb. let’s get a nice variety of challengers. If cncnet will approve and take me off ignore id like to put up some cash prizes for the top 3 unique players.
  19. Uninstall everything and reinstall using the download link on this site. With windows 10 make sure your using the “Automatic” renderer in the TS config menu inside the client. You also need to make sure that the game resolution is compatible with the game (1920x1080 is generally best) and you also need to make sure that your desktop is set to the same resolution you intend to launch the game on. If you are using very old equipment or a cheap laptop your desktop resolution might be capped lower. Adjust the in game res to whatever your desktop res is but no higher than 1920x1080. I cant think of anything else that could possibly be causing an issue.
  20. Downloaded it and played a few offline games. I think the improvements to the game aesthetics are awesome and some of the unit functionality changes are neat but some are extremely meta changing. I'd have to do a lot more testing to make a judgment on balance and whether or not they would be worth getting used to as opposed to the vanilla mechanics but it's a pretty impressive work.
  21. Black


    I think you have to select the music to be downloaded with the installation exe. ive never actually tried it though because music is too much of a distraction when playing competitive games.
  22. We all think your great corps.. but you can’t be player of the year every year. You gotta give us peons a chance to shine.
  23. Just wanted to make a post thanking everyone involved in unscrewing the QM ladder from the horrible adjustments that were implemented last year. The new map selection is nothing short of amazing and is been a hugely needed update for TS for many years. when QM first came out I wasn’t a big fan because of how alien it is to classic TS but it’s grown on me over time. But last year when the updates were made to favor a very select few group of people it really made it unplayable for me and I stopped using it all together (Several others have proclaimed a similar experience) Now that things are back to being fair, balanced, and in proper spirit of competition I’m excited to get on and start using it regularly once I get back. Based on activity it looks like several people can share this sentiment. Great job and let’s keep moving things forward. TS 2020
  24. All your suggestions have implications of unfair advantages and disingenuous game play. in 2020 the only way this games traffic will increase is by literally transforming it into a battle royal FPS game. The RTS genre isn’t and never was popular.
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