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  1. Are you mikepence or Ender?
  2. just turn off frame rate cap if you want to increase build speed.
  3. Pics or it didn’t happen.
  4. You can do that on the multi player client. I’ve never even opened skirmish before.
  5. Why do you play skirmish mode instead of logging into the multiplayer client?
  6. Black


    That sure does sound like fun.. would really make the game interesting to me again and make me want to play. oh well, it’s too bad that the devs think that people playing a pvp strategy game don’t want standardized competition. maybe in the next life.
  7. Black


    On what?
  8. Honestly, if the majority of TS players started name hiding and changed their personalities to try and fool me it would be a massive improvement to the game. Imagine.... Corpsmakr: “hi, I’m terraflare, nice to meet you all, I used to play this game when it first came out, it looks like you’ve all done a lot of work to improve things for the better. Here let me get on discord so we can voice chat! Are there any suggestions you could give me to optimize my computers performance for the game so that we can all enjoy higher/consistent FPS?”
  9. TRZ, your entitled to your opinion and all. But you really have to understand that if it’s you vs the entire world there is an insanely high probability that your wrong. literally nobody else in the planet is going to make the argument that it makes more sense to create a unbalanced environment for pvp competition. Youve got to stop and accept the fact that in order to progress in move forward we have to make moves that are in the spirit of proper competition that makes sense to 99.999% of the population. you have the right to host maps that are unfair if you want to. But suggesting that the entire community submit to your view is quite frankly just rude to everyone else that plays this game. If I didn’t know better I would claim that you are intentionally trying to sabotage TS to keep people from playing it.
  10. Name one person who has quit due to it? The game gets repetitive and you need breaks from it. The lack of community hurts more than anything. What made this game great was multiplayer games with pre-set teams. competitive players lose interests because they want to come and play with their friends but they can’t because there is no clan system and all the bitch artists on this game cry if teams are random. I only enjoy TS when my friends are on my team. And There are times when I play 10 games throughout a night and only get to have my mates on my team once out of the 10... sometimes 0. That’s what makes me want to not play more than anything. I don’t want to risk having to team up with people I don’t like.
  11. Cool, this might blow your mind.. but you can actually play both factions on a single account. For this to be valid there needs to be separated rankings for nod and gdi. Sorry, but in a competition where we are keeping score you need to lose your points if you want to play “easy”.. Changing usernames to play “easy” so you don’t lose points is literally the fucking definition of abuse. imagine if Jon Jones was the UFC champion but he cloned himself so that he could also be the #1 and 2 contender. So that he could take it easy vs himself in title fights while he uses his alternate bodies to prevent anyone else from ever getting a title shot.
  12. Thanks for acknowledging my post. Its weird not having to register usernames. I feel like a simple verification process is pretty standard and reasonable. I don’t like anyone being able to log in under any username including names that have reputations. A system of identifying players is still a good idea. But I really don’t think it means much because the community is too small to have the luxury of picking/choosing players based on their personalities. I feel like people should have the option to log on anonymously if they want to. Doesn’t mean we have to respect them for it but sometimes it’s fun to come in and smash ppl on mystery logins. And a lot of the reputable pros often are auto banned from 1v1 or lower level player games. Gotta name hide if I want to play people like ender or axel.
  13. Cool opinion, why do you think the originals should stay? Also, I don’t understand your question regarding our remasters forest fires map. if the admins would agree to make them standard I would personally volunteer to go through all the old school maps and fix them with redistributed tib and various adjustments to make them worth playing. but I’m not going to go through the effort unless I have the support of cncnet leadership.
  14. bless your heart
  15. Make a poll to get community opinion on whether or not login history should be viewable to non moderator/admins. The only issue I have with this is not being able to identify laggers. So let’s have a secondary poll to tag a yellow flag next to players whom don’t have an average FPS of 50+
  16. Black


    The cncnet leadership does not view clans as a relevant addition to the client. They don’t view it as having any value and this not only refuse to put any effort into it. But refuse donations or 3rd party work done for that purpose. Clans and classic rank ladder system is never happening on cncnet
  17. I have to say that I agree 100% with this notion. Having to go through the bullshit ordeal of cleaning out registry or out right buying a new PC/hard drive etc to be able to play anonymously is ridiculous. Obviously participating in tournament play should require registration. But for standard play I really despise the way cncnet intrudes your computer to keep track of you and displays all your previous used logs for all players to see. Even just changing it so that only moderators can view username history on the client would be an improvement.
  18. Maybe I’d play it if it wasn’t a broken exploitable heap. You made no point. Your argument is literally “it’s fine because I like it”. All you do is vomit words. People like you are why this game has no activity. The fact that your a historical cheater is extremely valid. Everything you ask for should be taken with the consideration that you may want it because it allows you to continue your abusive habits. the only reason you like it is because you exploit it to distribute point loss/gain. If you only had 1 log because you wanted to play fair and other people were doing it to you then you’d be here complaining about it like you complain about everything else that makes it harder for you to win. learn to play legit and straight up. You realize your victories are meaningless if they’re tainted with foul play and bad form right?
  19. Well then I guess the cheaters/babies/haters win and as usual TS loses.
  20. I log into TS at least a few times per week. Just because you play 24/7 doesn’t make your opinion valid. Just because the majority of people on the ladder are convicted cheaters doesn’t mean we should bastardize the game to cater to the people who want to use exploits to gain an advantage. ”because I play the game a lot” is not an argument to support your position. My arguments hold weight because they contain substance while yours contain babble and crying.
  21. You can’t just come in here say its fine and not give a single reason to support your position. tell us all how you want to manipulate the system with multiple names.
  22. Maybe people don’t want to bother since they have to play the rank 1 guy but not get rank 1 point exchange if they win? Are you really so dense as to not understand this? you know damn well that your choosing which name to log on with based on who else is currently in Q. If ur getting matched vs hard players u use dummy log, if ur getting matched with easy wins u get on main. quit trying to play it off like we’re all stupid. Your not doing anything new or daring. The only reason your getting away with it is because no one That gives a shit about this game has any ability to do something about it.
  23. Unless you can provide a sensible argument to back up your point then yea, I should get what I want. all the manipulative players leaving the competition because they can’t exploit it isn’t a bad thing btw. That’s actually the entire point and exactly why these people’s opinions are trash and shouldn’t even be entertained. Beyond that, let’s not forget that the bigger reason for non activity is simply that the QM system is bad in concept.
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