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  1. Dont worry mate, I got the details under control. but It depends on cooperation from cncnet staff which isn’t looking promising.
  2. To be clear, I don’t intend to disrespect anyone and discount your opinions. But this thread is not for opinions or debate. The cash prize is designed as an incentive for participation. Not to belittle expected participants. Your welcome to reject the prize out of honor. The results will speak for themselves and the bickering, excuses are not welcome.
  3. You know damn well I already took them down due to your complaining. i can play all day Thursday. Sounds fun
  4. More details will be released upon approval of my primary conditions.
  5. Greetings TS community, Recently thanks to mike pence there has been a lot of discussion of player status and history for this game. I am bored talking to delusional bias haters and don’t want to argue or hand out opinions anymore. Therefore I am offering a definitive indisputable solution. If everyone can agree to my terms and get the rules changed to accommodate what I believe to be as fair and balanced as is possible. Then I will put up a monthly cash prize for the next 3 months to encourage participation and provide incentive. The following rules must be altered for the QM ladde: 1.player names must be visible on load screen. 2. If a player crashes or disconnects regardless of the stage of the game then the player will lose full points and show as a loss. 3. All maps that alter unit/structure/game mechanics from vanilla TS, all maps larger than 4 players, and all maps that aren’t mathematically balanced must be eligible for rejection. If we can agree to these terms I will pay out for the next 3 months $150 to rank 1 $100 to rank 2 $50 to rank 3 (provided they are different players) At the end of the 3rd rank period all win/loss records will be evaluated to create list of who has won the most vs who to develop a proper ranking list without sarcasm, bias, trolling. If you choose to have multiple usernames on the ladder your wins and losses will be skewed on the final ranking report. I recommend either sticking with a single name or at least identifying yourself as who you are on your alts. Lets see who the best players on with full participation and plenty of opportunity to get back into form.
  6. Lol @ haters explain why I win consistently vs most of them then? so many salty low IQ players punching holes on their wall cuz you get called out for failing early game inf. zzz ask mola who “ got lucky” vs him in 2 of the last 3 1v1s we played... and only lost the 1st game cuz I thought I was playing ender.
  7. Corps, you act like I play tournament rift religiously.. But I appreciate your admittance that as soon as your off terrace your programming goes out the window and you regress to mid tier. But as far as terrace goes I had recorded wins vs you on tiberian sun adventures that you complained to me constantly about posting. So don’t act like you don’t recall shit. You can call me “ok” all you want as an insult but you know your just in denial that you struggle in 2v2s and constantly lose to people way worse than you. That’s because the strategy in 2v2 games isn’t repetitive robotic boring game play that can be memorized and grinded unlike 1v1s. I know your retired, but since I actually like you unlike TRZ I’ll be happy to spend a night playing vs you so that you can watch a guy who literally has 100,000+ fewer hours of experience than you unrust, catch up, and start winning consistently vs you after a single night of taking the game seriously. Your a robot and I’ll study you and start predicting your movements and patterns and out work you. And I’ll only be having half as much fun as you while I do it. Let me know when you want to come out of retirement. I don’t want your money either, I just want to see you go on with your denial after the nights over and call everything that happens to you “total bullshit” like you do every time you lose.
  8. Unprovoked personal attack reported.
  9. Most hours spent playing TS: 1. TRZ a Huuuuge Margin... 2. NME 3. Corpsmakr 4. Steelcore 5. Mola Players that are equal to, better, or only marginally worse than these 5 despite putting in only a fraction of 1% of the amount of effort: (but would easily dominate 10/10 games if put in even half the hours) 1. Black 2. Humble 3. Cambria 4. Skylegend etc. Smart players with actual talent still trump the weirdos that put in 100s of thousands of hours and took 10+ years to become decent. It’s also evidence towards 2v2 players being superior to players who focus on 1v1.
  10. Ugh, in 1v1 I’m not losing to any nod period if it’s a open map like terrace. Maybe I’ll get caught by the 1 refers occasionally.. but outside of that it’s just not happening. I’ve never lost to steelcore outside of the occasional 1 ref ( all games however I didn’t know who I was playing against). Last time I played NmE I absolutely annihilated him from top right on terrace and barely even had to try. I haven’t seen energy play in like a year+... I’ve never seen him 1v1 before but I never see him do anything in a 2v2 that makes me think he would be a problem. Tigers and corpsmakr are basically the same player except corps has better control while tiger has stronger short game. Both extremely boring to play against but I’ve never made an attempt to put last them in the hour + long game scenario they specialize in. I always get bored and go for a KO. That being said, I’ve caught corpsmakr several times with short game rushes. And since I’m much smarter than him I’d probably out work him long game if I wanted to invest the time into it. Top rush has better Mk2 control than me, I’m better everywhere else. I schooled him easily from top left last time I played him. I have 1 legit win over humble from BL and have never beatin Cambria. So no mox, I wouldn’t say I shouldn’t be on your list. But it’s ok that you don’t respect me since I’ve probably played 5 total games with you since you showed up earlier this year:
  11. Interesting choice considering I recently watched you toy around with trz from a top spot.. and last time I played you I toyed around with you from a top spot.
  12. I only enjoy 1v1ing ppl I like. But it I would be interested in 2v2 challenges. You can get a partner of your choosing and I’ll get one of my own. 10-20$ of per game or w/e your willing to lose. I can’t give you a definite time frame tho as I don’t give a shit or play consistently anymore.
  13. Well, I didn’t say they were good. Do you know what the word “improved” means? im sure there are others who could be on that list.
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