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  1. I can't even begin to imagine how unplayable these game would be with a console controller. But I support your quest.
  2. if so please post it, i'd like to see some old cncgamer content lol @ the champ-site FU message still being up after all this time.
  3. The official maps are on the ladder. Stop trying to claim that they aren't. The maps having built in game patch does not make them mod maps. Stop trying to alter reality Terrace/Forest Fires/River Runs/Dueling Islands are all official maps The Pit/Throwback/Area 51 = Balanced maps vastly superior to any official map Tournament Rift/GSO/BBG= perfectly symmetrical fair balanced 1v1 maps You realize that your whole argument here is to add maps to the tournament that are unfair/unbalanced/broken?
  4. We get it, you want stock maps. But you are going to have to live with the fact that the vet patch makes the game better and virtually everyone agrees. As is evident by this poll.
  5. Everything you said in this post is demonstrable BS. And you are trying to argue that a poll that has a double majority against your opinion is somehow showing a majority and trend towards your opinion. If this isn't evidence that you need to stop everything your doing in your life and get professional help I don't know what is. I voted for 25% mod but that doesn't even make sense.. CNCnet only has 3 mods that are played and theyre already on the map list. giants/bbg/gso.. theres no need to add pointless mods beyond that just to make it 25%. But I know you are considering the vet maps as mod because your delusional and refuse to acknowledge facts and definitions. You don't understand that you are the only person that voted that is voting with the mind set of considering the vet maps as mod maps rather than game patch maps. Sick of you
  6. If you'd like to have a discussion delving away from all the drama, I challenge you to give even a single example with explanation on how stock forest fires is superior to the remastered version. I agree that the weeds need to be removed. Our original argument was that getting and maintaining a weed factory was so difficult to do in the first place in a competitive game that it wouldn't make that big of a difference. But the reason (I believe) that so many stock maps are devoid of weeds is because the GDI drop pods weren't added until Firestorm which was intended as the counter to weed missles. To put it frankly, if you are in a position that you are getting hit by weed missles then the game is already over and you are being toyd with. But be that as it may, it's still an unfair advantage. In all the games I've played on the remastered forest fires I have only encountered 1 or 2 games where I was hit with weed missiles that wasn't a squash game with non balanced teams. What added giant blobs of tib are you referring to? It's pretty clear with the Firestorm expansion that it was the intention of the devs moving forward to add maps that had a larger supply of Tiberium and to be more fair/symetrical/balanced. This is also evident in every other game the devs made moving forward. But I don't believe we added any unreasonable amount of tib anywhere? Only increased patch sizes in spots that weren't equal to what their opposite spot had. And moved some patches from one part of the map to the other to discourage expand failures and correct harvester pathing. And we changed the blue tiberium to be true blue tib since for some reason the blue tib on the stock version had green tib value.
  7. Well this thread can be closed now.. TRZ is just going to have to live with a full diaper knowing that the future of the game isn't going to be held back just because he wants to have a whiny attitude and hate on everything just because he wasn't the one that came up with it. Vet > stock Mod > No mod
  8. The reason there aren't any "official maps" is because the stock maps are all trash. I know your play style thrives off imbalances and gimmicks but literally every other player doesn't want maps that are broken and unfair. The entire game and community can't be held back just because you are a whiny bitch that has never and never will win a tournament regardless of all the BS you complain about. Every time you participate in a tournament you cry about the rules and format. There was lots of input from the pro community that went into the patches. Your opinions were just discounted because they didn't flow with the majority and were otherwise crazy (some shit about wanting the cc to transform into a bike?). The fact that you were BL on forest fires and tried to expand into ML's expand territory goes into my point about how you don't know or play these other maps. BL expands to the east even on the stock version of the map. Maps getting edited to be logical, fair, and balanced does not dumb them down... It makes them worth playing in the first place. I know people like you however always want that built in excuse of the map not being fair. Your literally just mad because your gimmicks and excuses are being taken away. And even madder that people don't let you get away with your false persona of being the universal guru of TS. You can barely even function on terrace past memorized techniques and build orders, you weren't a high level player until years into the xwis era, and you have a universal reputation as a proven cheater. DEAL WITH IT. Ive never seen you play any other map where you didn't just worthlessly idle and stall out after your initial cheap rush. Most of the stock maps on TS look like they were just randomly generated with the map generator the WOL client had. Totally illogical and senseless.
  9. Careful, I got banned last time I made that suggestion.
  10. Imagine if we could just host a tournament game in the main client and choose whatever map we wanted. Can’t believe no one has ever thought of that before.
  11. 1. What poll are you looking at? Vet has more than twice the votes as non vet. 2. Game Patch and Mod map is not the same thing 3. That is a lie Now stop holding the game back from progress. The only thing I am a plague to is your lies.
  12. Excellent point, but god forbid the TS community be allowed to have its own private forum/discord and have it be advertised by the main client. Egos would be on fire. I know how hard it would be to add an auto message into the chat lobby every time someone logs in giving a link to it.
  13. It is important to recognize that the reason that the thread starter has a problem with the vet patch is a personal problem with the person who created it. I believe that all modified maps should be allowed but be able to be rejected. Vet Map does not = Mod map Add more approved maps such as seaside, Tiberium forest, Tunnel Training, The other Firestorm 2 player maps, etc. Figure out some way to make player activity viewable on the main client. The separate client is the biggest reason the whole project is so ignored. Why Can't QM games show up on the main game channel list and be joined from there? A lot of the maps TRZ listed he is just listing out of ego. He doesn't actually know these maps because if he did he would understand how wholly unbalanced and garbage they are. The over all map could be used if someone took the time to erase all the tiberium and redistribute it in a way that makes sense (this goes for most maps and would be a good project for some of the modder weirdos like humble/holland). furthermore, need to figure out a solution to people making multiple accounts on the ladder.
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