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  1. Downloaded it and played a few offline games. I think the improvements to the game aesthetics are awesome and some of the unit functionality changes are neat but some are extremely meta changing. I'd have to do a lot more testing to make a judgment on balance and whether or not they would be worth getting used to as opposed to the vanilla mechanics but it's a pretty impressive work.
  2. Black


    I think you have to select the music to be downloaded with the installation exe. ive never actually tried it though because music is too much of a distraction when playing competitive games.
  3. We all think your great corps.. but you can’t be player of the year every year. You gotta give us peons a chance to shine.
  4. Just wanted to make a post thanking everyone involved in unscrewing the QM ladder from the horrible adjustments that were implemented last year. The new map selection is nothing short of amazing and is been a hugely needed update for TS for many years. when QM first came out I wasn’t a big fan because of how alien it is to classic TS but it’s grown on me over time. But last year when the updates were made to favor a very select few group of people it really made it unplayable for me and I stopped using it all together (Several others have proclaimed a similar experience) Now that things are back to being fair, balanced, and in proper spirit of competition I’m excited to get on and start using it regularly once I get back. Based on activity it looks like several people can share this sentiment. Great job and let’s keep moving things forward. TS 2020
  5. All your suggestions have implications of unfair advantages and disingenuous game play. in 2020 the only way this games traffic will increase is by literally transforming it into a battle royal FPS game. The RTS genre isn’t and never was popular.
  6. Shout out to sexpro and weaponx for the clutch nod pressure. Shout out to toprush for the clutch MK work. shout out to Tiger for always decimating all with 1 ref when on my team. Shout out to Ray for never playing despite having a Computer just for TS. Shout out to NME for being my most played with partner and doing his best to not piss me off despite being a drama queen rumor spreader. happy new year.
  7. I appreciate being included but I don’t think I played a single competitive/balanced 2v2 game in all of 2019. Humble and skylegend only two 2v2 players that consistently don’t fuck up early game inf so they get my vote.
  8. Dont worry mate, I got the details under control. but It depends on cooperation from cncnet staff which isn’t looking promising.
  9. To be clear, I don’t intend to disrespect anyone and discount your opinions. But this thread is not for opinions or debate. The cash prize is designed as an incentive for participation. Not to belittle expected participants. Your welcome to reject the prize out of honor. The results will speak for themselves and the bickering, excuses are not welcome.
  10. You know damn well I already took them down due to your complaining. i can play all day Thursday. Sounds fun
  11. More details will be released upon approval of my primary conditions.
  12. Greetings TS community, Recently thanks to mike pence there has been a lot of discussion of player status and history for this game. I am bored talking to delusional bias haters and don’t want to argue or hand out opinions anymore. Therefore I am offering a definitive indisputable solution. If everyone can agree to my terms and get the rules changed to accommodate what I believe to be as fair and balanced as is possible. Then I will put up a monthly cash prize for the next 3 months to encourage participation and provide incentive. The following rules must be altered for the QM ladde: 1.player names must be visible on load screen. 2. If a player crashes or disconnects regardless of the stage of the game then the player will lose full points and show as a loss. 3. All maps that alter unit/structure/game mechanics from vanilla TS, all maps larger than 4 players, and all maps that aren’t mathematically balanced must be eligible for rejection. If we can agree to these terms I will pay out for the next 3 months $150 to rank 1 $100 to rank 2 $50 to rank 3 (provided they are different players) At the end of the 3rd rank period all win/loss records will be evaluated to create list of who has won the most vs who to develop a proper ranking list without sarcasm, bias, trolling. If you choose to have multiple usernames on the ladder your wins and losses will be skewed on the final ranking report. I recommend either sticking with a single name or at least identifying yourself as who you are on your alts. Lets see who the best players on with full participation and plenty of opportunity to get back into form.
  13. Lol @ haters explain why I win consistently vs most of them then? so many salty low IQ players punching holes on their wall cuz you get called out for failing early game inf. zzz ask mola who “ got lucky” vs him in 2 of the last 3 1v1s we played... and only lost the 1st game cuz I thought I was playing ender.
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