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  1. Just play firestorm game.. gdi is stronger on open maps nod is stronger on larger or bottle necked maps.. with firestorm game on both are balanced at both. vet patch is still a fair upgrade to nod regardless though.
  2. Yes mola... you will receive “the prize”
  3. 1. Limit should obviously be 1 name per ladder month.. There is 0 reason to allow more than 1 other than to encourage abuse 2. Firestorm is far more balanced than TS even with the vet patch. Firestorm is only not liked because a few elitist cunts deemed it to be bad and the entire community globbed onto their opinion. FS is far superior game. 3. Those "tib creatures" are not a threat unless you don't know the map and have 0 ability to adapt and think. 4. Obviously the solution to this is to make the person who disconnects lose points. You already punish players who crash or disconnect unintentionally regardless of the current state of the game after that time frame so you might as well extend it to any time frame. The 0.1% of the time the crash/disconnect is unintentional would suck but its better than allowing abuse.
  4. What logic do you guys have for allowing 3 logs? I can’t fathom a single reason for allowing more than 1.
  5. Guess this is over before it started.
  6. Just because something has always been done a certain way doesn’t make it right... Having more than 1 username is not in the spirit of good sportsmanship and competition. It makes no sense to allow people to have more than 1 username in the same tournament.. The only purpose is abuse and foul play... And the only counter argument I’ve seen thus far is “it’s always been that way”. This is why competitive players should be in charge of developing systems for competition. ([email protected] u pussies with this content need to be approved by admin shit)
  7. It’s interesting that you bring up how little I play as a negative thing. I mean you have hundreds of thousands of more hours of experience than me on this game over all and yet I’ve still managed to match your skill level on terrace and I don’t think I’ve ever even struggled vs you under any circumstances on any other map. I was just telling NME last night that I’d prefer ssgohan over you as an Allie on any map other than terrace. the reason my opinion matters is because I was around and competed vs these names in the games competitive prime. They all hated and couldn’t stand you and everyone of them considered you a waste of time until deep into the xwis era. Your opinions are based of past top player conversations on forums. There were a lot of players on schaf/mega/Kapas level. Schaf and Ziege were a great 2v2 team but a lot of that was just because oh how well they worked together similar to tiger/top. People like goldnglow, middlesky,dayofdoom,bill94, countless others were just as good or better under certain circumstances. But you wouldn’t know that because they weren’t as popular with the forum leaders which is where you get all your knowledge and opinions from. Schaf/Ziege were considered the best 2v2 team for a while but they lost tons of games to people like Aphrodite/Stefor, Middlesky/a1mighty1 etc.. How pissed off are you that even this far in the future past the games prime you still can’t get away with your bullshit? You must be so mad that you still can’t get away with telling people you were an old school pro who didn’t cheat. Don’t worry though, one day I will probably move on and give you your space to convince the new school weirdos that play this game that you were some kind of legend from the past. Your logic is so stupid in reference to skill ranking. If you want to be an idiot and say nobody is a 10 then “9.5” is the highest level of achievement giving it the same meaning as 10 would if gave that out. Fine?on a scale of 1-9.5 then they are 9.5s.. There’s no point or even including 10 if your criteria for it is unobtainable. Middlesky is absolutely a 10 even under your shit criteria he was extremely impressive in every aspect of the game. Short game, long game, unit control, offense, defense, good at every map, good on blue and green tib, good on TS and Firestorm, good with gdi and nod, good at 1v1, 2v2, 4,4.. great pressure, great recovery, great game IQ, etc. he had no weaknesses and I could say the same thing about at least 50 other people.
  8. I'm starting to think that playing this game is the single biggest mistake I've ever made in my life.
  9. finally something we can agree on
  10. I wasn't being sarcastic with that answer. Your problem is that you have crossed beyond the realm of lying and into the real of delusional. "I have deadly kicks" "I never cheated" "I was pro in the games prime" blah blah blah
  11. I was making a point that this game is full of man children by making a “tell them what they want to hear” apology. Just so it would be ignored or responded to with acceptance but a complete denial of having any flaws in their own behavior that helped lead to the current state of things. For example, I could tell you what you want to hear and agree to get along with you. But since your unwilling to acknowledge yourself as a BS artist I would never be able to have a real association with you. As soon as the next time you say something dumb or lie I either have to ignore it and cuck to you, or shut it down resulting in an argument you aren’t going to back down from. And since you will choose to die on the dumbest hills instead of consider you might have a logic gap any disagreement will put us right back where we started. Have a nice day
  12. This opinion is just absurd. If your judging skill 1-10 you don’t have to be an undefeated god to be 10. Calling prime Schaf/Mega/Kapa not even 10 is just chimp stupid... Then who the fuck is? if you excel at every aspect of the game then your a 10, if you have excellent short game, long game, unit control, offense, defense, rush ability, economy ability, strategic, adapt and recover ability,.. then your a 10. A good example of a 9.5 would be someone who’s good at all that but can’t use a MK2. Or someone who is robotic and can’t translate their strategy to other environments but is otherwise skill proficient. now go ahead and respond with your set in stone opinion that you got from someone else.
  13. Those aren’t 2v2 games, and you found like 5 1v1s out of a thousand that had 59 average.
  14. Exhibit A point proven. Have a nice day
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