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A new server located in Chicago, US! Server linking!


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Fellow Commanders, CnCNet has taken one big step forward today!


Some history first. After we got those first donations (big thanks to ehy and killa57) I thought we could start playing around with a US based server as we have increasing amount of players from there. Testing was successfull speed-wise and we now have a full month contract for it.


The problem was that the US players are separated from the main UK one so it split the scene for one night. This left us with the decision if we should go forward with splitting CnCNet or not. In the end no decision was made and it was just left at that.


Today, when riding a bus to work I got the awesome idea of linking the servers. What that means is that the servers send necessary data to each other about the players on both sides. This has the additional benefit of US<->EU optimization as it cuts down the traffic going over the atlantic when there are more than one player on each side. I'm not going to the technical details but that is how it is.


Later at home I started working on a quick linking hack and it didn't take too long to have a working prototype. Now, for the pleasure of everyone I updated the live server at both sides to link to each other using the new untested code. I hope it goes well.


So, the bottom line is, if you are located in the US, change your server by starting cncnet.exe and quickly hitting [ Settings ] button:




My final words are that if you want to keep the US server alive, please donate. It's not free. We might also relocate it to the coast line for better over seas ping for linking purposes.

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