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Adding mods with Final Sun (TS Mods Included)


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Felt like making another one: A Fresh New trigger that already has Elapsed Time Event, and Reinforcements at waypoint Action, with its own Teamtype, TaskForce, and Script. 9 Pieces of them .All uses unique ID's, so nothing will overwrite (don't use the same one, or u will overwrite, ofcourse.)  All Assigned to eachother already! Just for a nice quick fresh starting template, time safer.

insertable triggers time elapsed team.rar

(Tip: add all 9 of them on start of your map, for fresh map scripting)

Just to clarify with this gif: This is just an easy time safer for map scripters that uses teamtypes


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Looping train:

Looping train wp8 to 9.ini

after INI insert, simply place waypoint 8 on locomotive, Waypoint 9 somewhere else on the tracks, and u got ur train riding. QUICK N EASY YOU'RE WELCOME! ?


Gif shows: When double clicking vehicle, Insert the ID of the follower. You can view vehicle's ID in bottomleft corner when hovering your mouse on it.


Second, remember u can use the XTX trains:


You can also use the XTX trains:

XTX trains.ini

the cncnet finalsun standalone i put together will make it easier to place them on your map, but you still have to implement the codes ( this ini file) anway.

Alternatively u can add this ini, and just use normal locomotive and traincars, and use for example the code Image=GDIENG(gdieng = gdi locomotive)

Let me know if u need some help with it.

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how do i edit the art ini to get red alert trees into the game?

also vice versa cause the colors and such in RA suck ass. sooo much contrast.

and it would also help cause i assume i cant use things like the pretty trees without it....cause im not downloading the art for everything to use one mod...seems tedious cause ima have to delete alot of it.

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On 10/19/2019 at 8:12 PM, Holland said:

You're welcome! :D Let me know if there's something else you'd like to see or want to know or explain better.

do you still mod?? and can you help me....figure out how to make stuff like that? i know the basics of most stuff.

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but no the fauna works for firestorm....big blue will crash the game regaurdless for some reason. also i downloaded the game from cnccomm or w.e. cause they dont have that weird screen stuff its just the original game.

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