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Some Balance Issues, including naval.


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Here are the issues I want to discuss:

  1. Flak Trooper requires radar, other flaks do not. however,  sometimes you get stuck in situation where you only have barracks, and its a shame soviets cannot have AA from rax.  Allied on the other hand can have GGis (but in RA2 they cant have AA). imho, I rather have tesla troopers require radar rather than flak troopers, becuz tesla troopers are kind of stronger conscripts, so soviets can still handle land with mass cons as a substitute for teslas.  im fine with sea scorpions requiring radar though, becuz naval is more like support than primary (though it depends on the map)
  2. Giant Squids: this unit is a bit weird. in soviet mirror match, its rediculous that this unit has no counter. basically, the guy who has squids first kind of won the match if map is small. both allied and Yuri have ways to counter squids. perhaps squids should also be able to counter itself similar to dolphin? i.e. free your own units with your squids.  its good that squid entangles ships, basically making it harder to hit and run, but it feels a bit too strong that its invulerable while sinking a ship. also, he seem to fit Yuri lore wise, but it might ruin the balance to put it there.
  3. AirCraftCarrier: this unit seem much less powerful than dreadnought. I think perhaps the hornets should have more HP, or maybe we should nerf hornet damage while increasing its number (i.e. make ACC carry 6 hornets with half the damage). they just die too quickly and spawn too slowly compared to dread, the damage is also too single target, while dread is affect great area. the siege naval is just not balanced and needs some rework.
  4. Destroyers vs Typhoon: in 1 vs 1 they might be comparable, but in mass number typhoon will win easily becuz too many ospreys will waste their shots on single submarine.it will be good to see if someone ran a test on this. osprey is also not very accurate when target is moving. putting those aside, one or two sea scorpions, and typhoons will win without a doubt. Perhaps osprey should have more HP or something? not sure how to make this work. I think it should be balanced in a way not to make destroyer completely useless with only 3 sea scorpions. 
  5. Dolphins: well, this is a little bit hard to look at. dolphins seem kind of OK, but i guess most of you know about the splash damage trick. I am not sure if that makes this unit OP or not (need test). but even if so, its only available if microed correctly. when dolphins surround typhoons, dolphins they win. when typhoons surround the dolphins, dolphins lose. they are very cheap and fast moving. the worst part about them, is its only available for allies, i.e. soviets wont have the option to make their units OP, opportunity only to allied commanders. if soviets had some units that are imba when microed id call it ballanced. still, I would like to see some tests on this. would dolphins win vs typhoons for same price? any test ran?
  6. Gattling cannon and patriot missile can be built as far as sentry gun, but flak cannon can only be built too close, as close as tesla or prism tower. patriot sux i get it, but gattling build range is OP imo. can cover base better.

these are my thoughts. what do you think?


Here are the tests I have seen. not sure if they are enough:



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This squid thing is a real problem IMHO...i don't know how to handel them as a soviet too...

allies only have air with radar, so soviet AA with radar seems fine for me.

aircraft carrier is ok.

destroyers are also ok - they don't have to be as same as typhoon. you can micromanage + they have land attack.

dolphins are also ok IMHO.

same as flak building-radius

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