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Capturing Enemy Base Using Engineer

Darjah 5

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Hello guys, 

Just wanna ask, is it noob/unskilled to rush to enemy base with flak track + engineer and drone to capture their construction yards, barracks, war factory? 

I play three games with random player yesterday and all of them were angry when I did that. 

"Build tanks and fight like man b*tch. Not sneaking and stealing other player buildings." - Some of the player said to me. 

Btw, this is my first time playing YR against other human player since 2007. So maybe if there were unwritten rule that if I done that (stealing enemy buildings) , I'm a noob/ joy killer so I had to stop doing that. 

Thank guys. Really feeling the old days where I played YR with my late friend. Thank you for creating cncnet and this community! 

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On 1/22/2020 at 10:30 PM, Kikematamitos said:

Not really, try that vs me and see what happen, if i am allied i just make a pillbox and send a miner for take the drone inside and next teleport to refinery, engineer die by a pillbox and you lost a lot of money, if i am soviet i just make a drone. 

For me, I scout my enemy base first by using dog, If his base is undefended then I'll use engineer and drone, and if the base has defend then I'll use tank. If my enemy is you then I know it's hard for me to win the game. 

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