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C&C mod with Renegade like gameplay?


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I played around a bit in tibed and was thinking. Wouldn't it be cool to have a mod that has the rules of c&c renegade but in an rts c&c game?


Guard towers fire quicker, have longer range and are more armored and nearly 1 shot most vehicles.

Guard towers have line of sight rules meaning infantry and tanks that are really close to buildings and tall objects can avoid being fired upon. (not sure if this even possible)

You only get 1 guard tower with the exception of 2 - 4 pillboxes or Gun turrets

You get 1 refinery with a small amount of credits slowly accumulating overtime and then credit dumps as normal when a harvester returns

Each team is limited to 6 tanks

Engineer repairs infantry, tanks and structures over time

I'm  not sure how c4 and stuff would work. Maybe something in the form of an ivan bomb and you need 4 of them placed on a structure to go off in order to destroy it? Engineers should also be able to remove this.

Vehicle and infantry fire power, rate of fire should be increased to match the values in renegade.

Beacon placement for super weapons. A soldier drops the beacon and then it has a count down. Can be removed by engineer.

Beacon placements on barricks ends the match unless removed by engineer/advanced engineer

Advanced engineers: Hotwire / Nod technicians repair faster, deploy mines, shorter fuse ivan bomb?

engineers/ advanced engineers equipped with pistols

The game should basically all the renegade troops you could purchase such as havoc, sakura, etc with the same role sniping, rail gun etc.

All aircraft replaced by helicopters/orcas, all infantry/vehicles able to hit them with snipers and rocket soldiers doing the most infantry damage to them. 


Basically an exact copy of the renegade game as close as you can get it but in the form of the many rts c&c games we have now. Though i think you'd want to put an limit on the amount infantry just like most renegade servers could only hand so many players. I think 70 was the biggest I remember back in the day on the renstation server.


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I already made a mod map that did something similar to this. I made a limitation for structures. This was before the game Halo Wars came out where you build up bases all connected to itself on limited spaced platforms. All you have to do is put a limit on everything on a mod map. It's not as fun as you think it would be. This would be better on Starcraft 2 where you have a unit cap. Either way it's not fun.

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