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  1. Isn't working on any of the maps i've made. What text am i missing from the maps to make this work?
  2. I played around a bit in tibed and was thinking. Wouldn't it be cool to have a mod that has the rules of c&c renegade but in an rts c&c game? Example: Guard towers fire quicker, have longer range and are more armored and nearly 1 shot most vehicles. Guard towers have line of sight rules meaning infantry and tanks that are really close to buildings and tall objects can avoid being fired upon. (not sure if this even possible) You only get 1 guard tower with the exception of 2 - 4 pillboxes or Gun turrets You get 1 refinery with a small amount of credits slowly accumulating overtime and then credit dumps as normal when a harvester returns Each team is limited to 6 tanks Engineer repairs infantry, tanks and structures over time I'm not sure how c4 and stuff would work. Maybe something in the form of an ivan bomb and you need 4 of them placed on a structure to go off in order to destroy it? Engineers should also be able to remove this. Vehicle and infantry fire power, rate of fire should be increased to match the values in renegade. Beacon placement for super weapons. A soldier drops the beacon and then it has a count down. Can be removed by engineer. Beacon placements on barricks ends the match unless removed by engineer/advanced engineer Advanced engineers: Hotwire / Nod technicians repair faster, deploy mines, shorter fuse ivan bomb? engineers/ advanced engineers equipped with pistols The game should basically all the renegade troops you could purchase such as havoc, sakura, etc with the same role sniping, rail gun etc. All aircraft replaced by helicopters/orcas, all infantry/vehicles able to hit them with snipers and rocket soldiers doing the most infantry damage to them. Basically an exact copy of the renegade game as close as you can get it but in the form of the many rts c&c games we have now. Though i think you'd want to put an limit on the amount infantry just like most renegade servers could only hand so many players. I think 70 was the biggest I remember back in the day on the renstation server.
  3. Okay so for some very strange reason I have some trees and ore drills I'm unable to delete. When I first saved the map and loaded up they were not present until the game loaded but now they are. And the only way to ever supposedly delete them is to to put ton of stuff on them and then start deleting objects. Eventually I'm able to remove a few then some of the new ones I placed are also undeleteable. What is causing this? Is there another map editor I should be using other than final alert? I know final alert is pretty damn old like the existing games but people do make new and better tools over the years and im surprised nobody ever made something better or if they did I haven't found it.
  4. If you're talking about in the options where you turn off silos needed and stuff that doesn't appear to work. Sure it seems a little bit faster but not much. Are you telling me it's not something that can be adjusted?
  5. Don't know if this is still being worked on but if default the drive off point or rally point was put further away from structures it would reduce the chances of this happening.
  6. I downloaded a tool long ago (which I no longer have access to) for adding fast regenerating ore / tiberium to the map. So instead of making maps littered with tons of ore I could simply place blocked off sections near player bases much like the ore mines in ra3. Does such a tool or guide exist to add them to dawn of tiberium age? It also needs to work in multiplayer mode. funkyfr3sh made the old tool Im referring to but his link in my old thread no longer works and he has private messages turned off. Is this also something I could accomplish with Tibed? Assuming that even works with dawn of tiberium age.
  7. That is pretty cool I'll give it a try. Do you know how to increase the maximum ore that a refinery to can store? That was something else I was attempting to do. Be nice to get rid of that constant "SILOS needed!" Lol thanks again.
  8. 1. I'd like to make a map with small ore fields that regenerate and insanely fast speed so the map space isn't wasted by ore and gems. I downloaded a map long ago that had ore surrounded by rocks and it grew extremely fast. It was obviously setup so that you had more usable map space instead of the massive ore and gem fields most maps have. Been using C&C RAED and I went to the rules.ini and under income and production I see "GrowthRate Minutes between ore (tiberium) growth" I tried setting that to something low like .1 but after saving and loading the map it doesn't appear as if it did anything. I'm new to the editor though I never knew it existed until recently. I'm also getting a message when I save the map. "Width *height > 9216 - need V 2.0" Not sure if thats saying I need a different version of an editor or a different version of the game. I'm kinda clueless. 2. Is it possible to make a map bigger than 126 x 126? 3. The map I'm talking about above was also in a .mix file or .mmx or something with a bunch of other maps. So the red alert folder wasn't cluttered with 1000's of .mpr files. How do you put maps into a file like that and the game will recognize them?
  9. I had played a entire skirmish with 7 AI players without crashing. It was stable but had the sound issue. Your above info seems to have fixed that issue. I dont exactly know where I got all of the files. When I was searching for a way to make red alert work on higher resolutions I found many different things and eventually found what worked. But I have attached a zip file to my post containing all of the files I copied. Extracting them exactly to the folder works and allows me to play on 1920x1080 on windows 7 64bit. The folder "configtoolfiles" also has to be placed into the reddawn folder in order for the "redalertconfig" program to function. Hey while were talking about resolutions I have an issue with yuri's revenge perhaps you or someone could help? Whenever my brother and I try to play on the xwis server it requires him to play on default resolution since were both using an edited ra2md config file. This issue occurs when I host and he tries to join my game or when I host and try to join his game of which at that point im the one forced to use the default 640x400 resolution. Is their a patch somewhere that I need to download to change my resolution without editing the file? Because the preset resolutions are at max 1024 or something that's still really freaking huge. I don't know why we are even getting the locked to game resolution issue since we both have match my opponent to my resolution disabled. HiresRAAftermath.zip
  10. I'm still looking for this. Anyone here even tried doing this before? I ended up making the entire map now I just want to go back and add this extra effect to it.
  11. Ok so how do you get custom resolutions to work with this? On one of the red alert aftermaths I found they included a file named red alert config and it had more options than the standard red alert configurations. I'm actually able to run it at 1920x1080. I tried copying files from that other red alert I talked about above the ra95.exe, red alert config, and some other files to red dawns folder, (backed up the dawn files that I replaced) and ran the program and it worked. However when scrolling the sound and music sometime skips but it seems to be stable other than that. So I'm wondering if you have something you officially designed to run with this mod. I'm playing this on a 55" hdtv so 640x400 isn't very fun to play on haha.
  12. Rather than the map load up with all the mcvs on land etc, Id like to make all of the players mcvs start out inside of the transport out in the water and then have it automatically move to land and drop off the mcv and maybe even automatically deploy the mcv. Is it possible to do so? I'm using final alert2 and plan to make both a red alert 2 and yuri's revenge. Is it possible to do or are the maps hard coded to require you to just start out at the player location waypoints? Might be cool to start it off with a classic c&c "reinforcements have arrived" I got this idea in my head recently having played the nod campaign in the original. I can provide my basic map with where I want the players to start up and where for the transports to unload at if someone wants to help. I'd like to actually learn how to do it as well though. Here is a basic map I have put the player locations out in the water and gem cubes on land that I want each of them to end up at. If it's even possible to do this let me know. island.rar
  13. Hello, I was hoping someone could reupload this? The top 2 links are currently broken.
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