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Defense of the Fortress v9.65 [Version 2]


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This version is probably the best one so far.

It's different than [Version 1], and i say this version is way better than the [version 1]

Look at the War Factories in the image and u will see.

Want to make a note about something:

Spy can only enter the Yuri War Factory because the other war factories are being ironed during the game.




Defense of the Fortress v9.34 [version 2].jpg

Video [Allies Side] : https://youtu.be/4CmShXhGucc

Video [Soviet Side] : https://youtu.be/8djsEHvalnE








DotF-v9.65 [Version 2].zip

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9 hours ago, McPwny said:

its hard to find 8 players so people dont play it a lot. prism tanks had a big advantage over any soviet tanks in taking down the towers, i think. pretty cool, though

Allies were stronger in the older versions and soviets had a hard time dealing with them. Surprisingly Apocalypse really do deal a good amount of damage to the towers like prism tanks, just need at least 5 to 7 Apocalypse.

It' fine to play 2v2 or 3v3. 4v4 is nice tho just to make the game more fun.


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