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TD - icCup Higher Order (2) v1.0


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Number of players: 2


Dimensions: 59x59 (true-centered map)


Hello guys! This is my second map that I have released under the icCup tag. This time it is a 2 player map that features two different entrances to your base. There are two things I wanted to address with this map:


1. Nod suffers no positional disadvantage on this map, since both positions are equally distanced from the right side of the screen. This was a big concern for me and I think that it might have been a reason bottom-left NOD players delayed airstrip tech for so long, rather relying on Apache or pure infantry openings. Hopefully NOD players are rejoicing :)


2. There are two tiberium fields on above and below your base, and there are additional tiberium fields to the left and right. I wanted to encourage players to pick a side of the map to develop, and hopefully this can influence the long term strategies. Should you go for a slightly larger, further away tiberium field or a closer one? Players will have to decide based on their openings (and opening aggression for that matter).


3. Some may argue that a impassable center forces base-trades in unnatural scenarios. However, I feel like C&C maps are so small that this is a non-issue; in fact, it actually slows down early aggression and scouting, so defense is a viable tactic.


4. The last thing I wanted to address with this layout is the lack of "center control" since there are essentially two centers. My former map was plagued with expanding to the center and getting a foothold in 1v1, thus forcing your opponent to have a hard time expanding, without going all-in. If you controlled the center, you controlled the money. Hopefully this map will give both players a chance for a comeback potential.


Please Enjoy! Leave Comments Below!


MP map #157




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