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this map was something i started after making the map 'einstiens daydream', but never really finished. its a survival map but you start with only 
engineers, and there are tech buildings you can capture that will let you build special units. the units themselves spawn onto the map when you 
call them. literally all player buildings, units, and superpowers are mods. its a crazy map and ,because of that, people often pussy out mid-game.

anyways, i am disappointed in how often people pussy out of it and am dumping the finished map here. maby later i will compile a preview gif file.

EDIT: here is a preview of some of the gameplay 
posted image



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A lot of people leave survival maps if they don't understand or know what to do with modded units, and so can't be bothered to learn things (MISSING maps is a good example of so much stuff going on in e.g. super units that can go in ifv/prisms/mirage/etc (for cowshots etc) that can then go in super tanks). People like to use what they know,  how they know,  hence why they still playing a 20 year old game. :-)

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  • 2 years later...

Thanks, but I think the map is actually more impressive. :P

The gentleman is introducing a map, not asking a question. Maps never get old. 2 year old or 20 year old, doesn't matter; age is totally irrelevant here.

What if he reposted the exact same topic? Nobody would've noticed that it was posted before. So what's the difference? Starting a new one or bumping an old one. Same thing. Most topics are dead anyway, new and old. Reviving them doesn't kill anybody, I think.

Although that wasn't my initial intention, I'm introducing the map to new audience by bumping the topic, and I guess some people who otherwise wouldn't have seen it, would like it.

The game itself is 21 years old. How about that? Should we ignore and abandon it just because it's old? ?

These maps are works of art which should always be appreciated, forever.


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i remember working on this map daily for well over a week, but was able to streamline it a bit by using some ini mods from my previous maps along with manually copying triggers in the raw map code. i had a lot of fun making it, but i remember that making the hundreds of triggers to enable the unit production hacks was quite an ordeal

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