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Oil Tanker (RA) the beginnings


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This is obviously not complete, but I wanted some feedback on it so far... Having trouble figuring what form the oil tanker should have... and how to do the trailer for that matter...

Here are a few. What I've done is take the bar over the back of the TD harvester off to leave me with a rounded shape with a metallic feel to it, then erased the from of the harvester and replaced it with a few different cabs...

Here is everything I've tried to far.


The first 3 are using the from of the ore truck as a cab, then the next is the MLRS/SSM front, and the final one is the MCV from RA as a cab... they all look a little fucky to me...

Any comments/ideas?








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Looking good so far, but what strikes me as odd is that people neglected the last design with the MCV front. 

I actually think you've got something going on in it. It looks kind of meaner. Although I'd like to see it from the side or even better, a full .shp if you've gotten one ready. Speaking of which, all of the designs lack what I would vaguely describe as a 'trailer feel'. This could possibly be improved by adding some space between the cabin and the actual tank, and putting in some sort of connection or filling there. 2-3 pixels should do it. I haven't touched an .shp in like ten years, so I don't know how much time this will take you, but I think you should give it a shot. I could also do a quick photoshop to illustrate my suggestion.


BTW, first post here, hi all. I haven't been active in the C&C community for a long time now and I like to see how people are still doing things for the games. Especially things like CNCNet and Nyerguds' patches. Also, hi Nyer! This is TDL, but I don't go by any particular nick nowadays. You've done, some good work, even though I kind of hate you a little for Ride of the Valkyries.  :P



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Yeah, I agree, I've had allot of trouble getting the truck and trailer feel to it, but I'm basing it more off of a fixed cab and trailer, because that's how it's going to look as it turns.

I think the main problem with the MCV front is that it's too big, the idea seems good, but in practice it just doesn't maybe give a good feel.


Another point worth noting here is that the MLRS front is remap, the others currently have no remap on them at all. I was thinking that once I'd figure which of these I want to make up (if not the MLRS front) that I'd make it and then put a stripe of remap down the side of the trailer, and maybe a small dot on top.


Thanks for the feedback, it all helps.



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