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Trying to find this single player map

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There is a single player map called Backstabbed and its on Planet Command & Conquer but when I click on the file it just downloads a php file. Can anyone help me find this map or if anyone has it please send it? 

Its an awesome mission where GDI and Nod are against you and have a huge base. 

Thank you

Here is the site for reference http://planetcnc.gamespy.com/Viewaa33.html?view=tiberiandawn.list&category_select_id=5&game=11

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I looked into this today, and, well, results aren't hopeful. Gamespy's files are all hosted at FilePlanet, and while that does have an archive of old files, it's a list with about 500 pages, and no search options


On top of that, the actual downloads will be blocked by most modern browsers because they refer to unsecured http addresses, meaning you need to copy and paste the link into a new tab before it'll work.

Some specific searches basing on the kind of stuff you often find in C&C1 mission readme files did turn up more:

I didn't find the "Backstabbed" mission, though...

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