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This guy "ac_" joined one of my games and successfully used a build cheat. His country was America and after building the power plant, he builds Yuri Barracks instead of Allied. Shortly afterwards, out comes a Chrono Commando??? This game was started about 15 mins prior to me posting this. Just check these out for yourselves...


Screenshot (398).png

Screenshot (399).png

Screenshot (400).png

Screenshot (402).png

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were you playing his hosting room and his selected unique map? im suspecting the map. it may be cheated, i mean if play with map codes of inside of it to put chrono commando can be build from yuri barracks that will be possible for player1, and if the player1 is hosting your game so thats cheated map i call. no one can use any kind of programs or tools to cheat this game otherwise it cause error and all players gets reconnection error.

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