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New here - download Red Alert for MAC?


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I haven't figured out how to find things here yet...  so forgive the "stupid" question....    I have a MAC...   and want to download Red Alert...    it's not real clear on how that is done.   When I try to dowload - it's trying to do a windows version - and utilize my Parallels program to run it on my MAC.   Which is something I don't want to do (my parallels hasn't been updated for years, and completely bogs down my MAC).   help?

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Sorry guy but unless you're running an older MacOS, like Funky mentions in that^ link above, you might have to settle for the cheap imitation... err.. I mean.... ' modernized' version of RA called OpenRA (if you haven't already). :P But jokes aside, despite it being heavily modified compared to the original, OpenRA is actually pretty good.

(Sidenote) Even the new remastered version doesn't support Macs for some reason, despite the fact that some of the OpenRA developers helped to work on it. :blink:

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