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Flame Dancers Campaign


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Greetings folks! :o


Most enthusiastic and long time C&C admirer here, twas a glorious day back in something something of the early mid 90's when I suddenly received a surprise present from my brother, it was no less then the notorious C&C Worldwide Warfare pack! Containing C&C Gold, Covert Operations, Red Alert, Counterstrike and Aftermath in one delicious huge box glorified with screenshots and oozing text on the back!


I dashed back and forth between the two classics over the years, then hunted down the early versions of thixp32.dll files on Fileplanet and other remnants when I had trouble with Windows XP, I always couldn't decided between the two, for storyline, gameplay, immersion and balance I always side with TD, Infantry are much more useful in the original compared to RA, but RA has that uncanny fast paced combat with the addition of an enhanced game engine for more fluent and intense combat. I always wished if only TD could be played in skirmish then I'd be sold! So that's when I was introduced to Red Dawn by a friend, which I shall remark in the relevant topic to not get derailed here :P


Then recently I decided for convinience sake I would purchase The First Decade collection to own the entirity on one compact DVD with the superb addition of being able to play without a CD in the drive, seems very authentic so far, apart from TD and RA taking nearly 1GB of space from the migrated MAIN.MIX and other assorted files which would be read from the CD on the original release.


In short, I recall a most intriguing yet ferocious campaign for TD known as the Flame Dancers! but it was so horribly hard I couldn't get past the 2nd mission :( However I wish to test my might against the pinnacle of trickery and sneaky and devious underhanded schemes once more! However I couldn't find a working link on Google, and settled with the sequel for Red Alert




Does anyone have a copy of the original for TD (and by anyone I mean Nyerguds \o/)


Many thanks!

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Pretty old though. That probably won't work on 1.06, due to the exe being too different and not reading all of 1.06c's files.


I should go ahead and implement that damned ini rules reading already, so I can actually distribute this on the 1.06 mod system.

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