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Problem for the Main Campaign Missions (Allied and Soviet)


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After downloading the game suddenly, a problem. Whenever I complete the first mission for the both team instead it brings me to the next mission, it returns me back into the title screen which made me annoyed and decided to play the expansion missions instead. Here's how my main menu looked like:

Counterstrike Missions

Aftermath Missions

Start New Game


Intro & Sneak Peek

Exit Game


Note: the red one indicates my main problem

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It sound like were ever yout got your copy or RA1 at only has the first mission for the allied and soviet campaign. I would go over to redalert1.com and download that one. It has all of the campaign for the allied and soviet but I don't think is has AF or CS mission.

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loveu8 had somthing like this but not as bad. http://cnc-comm.com/community/index.php?topic=1735.msg8636 I ended up uploading the mission so it could be placed into the game folder and it fix it for him.


Download the All Red Alert Missions.zip attached below. Copy or Move all 80 files to were you have Red Alert installed/ (the same folder as ra95.exe is in)


This may fix it. It did for loveu8.


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Thank you so much Allen. But how can I solve this lagging thing?


If this fixed things than take a look at Red Dawn compatibility modes and do the same to your Red Alert. Also on the Red Dawn page I put mission like I did on this page that may fix Red Dawn's CS mission for you hopefully.

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